A Complete Guide On Australian Resume Template

Each country has its own work culture; similarly, Australia has its own work culture and several expectations from the CVs of the employees. Whenever you want to apply for a specific job in Australia, your resume must follow the norms of resume writing so that the Australian recruiter get impressed with the formatted method of your resume. If you find any difficulty related to the Australian resume template, then you can take the help of our experts who can provide you the resume simple Australia.

The main objective of a CV is to highlight your experiences, skills, and achievements that can relate you with the job profile that you want. You always need to assume your CV as a billboard that is advertising your expertise for a certain job profile. There are a few points that you have to keep in mind while composing the resume, and that is your message of the resume must be enticing, concise, and relevant. 

There are several features of a great resume, such as well-formatted, achievement-focused, grammatically correct, keyword-optimized, and much more. Rather than this, our experts are more aidful to offer you with the professional-structured resume template simply.

Now discuss out the structure of the resume so that you have an idea on the Australian resume template.

Structure of an Australian Resume Template

Now, you need to understand the structure of a resume; let’s discuss each point into the details:

Length of the resume:

  • Avoid submitting a one-page CV as it has a short detail of you, and it is not able to provide the information that Australian employers are looking for.
  • Avoid exceeding 5 pages.
  • Try to maintain your cv of 3-4 pages. This is what an employer is expecting and feel is suitable for the CVs.


  • Try to keep your format simple and clean.
  • Hold to the international format that is accepted font size and style.
  • Avoid using images, tables, or graphs. 


  • Revise your cv with Australian English such as ‘Analyse’ but not ‘Analyze,’ ‘Centre,’ not ‘Center.’
  • Ensure that there must not be any of the grammatical errors and no spelling mistakes. 

Size of paper:

  • If you are printing your cv, always use A4 sized paper. 
  • Avoid using US Letter size (8” x 11”).

Key points that you have to put in your CV

Key points that you have to put in your CV


In a few countries, it’s quite common to involve your photo at the top corner of your cv. But it is not applicable in Australia. Avoid including your photograph—regardless of how pretty or good looking you assume you are.


The headline of a cv shows under your name and is, most importantly, the tagline. Our experts suggest you connect your cv headline with a career profile that you are submitting for. Involve any of the certifications that reflect your credibility and, if possible, focus on your specializations. 

Professional Profile:

This is the right place where you can introduce a few ‘colour.’ Think about a story. Think about a brand. Think about the impact. Several candidates will utilize this space to specify your overarching experience, specialization, and qualification. 

Employment Summary:

Try to employ an eye-tracking method; the analyzer found that the employer concentrated on the name, your present job title, your organization, and dates of employment. You must include these details on the starting page of your cv and write in a clear and easy format. In Australia, employers are considering your last 5-10 years of your job history. Merely, go back when you have recent experience, and it will be considered as highly relevant.


Be sure to feature your academic qualifications and professional academics by involving the name and degree from which you have studied. There is no requirement to specify the year in which you have completed your studies in your cv. Also, there is no requirement of specifying the educational qualification that is not relevant to your job profiles.


Like other safety-conscious experts in this digital world, Australian employers acknowledge the restrictions of information protection. They do not suppose to detect the names, telephone number, and address on your cv. You can suppose that the recruiter information would be requested in the next stage of the selection process. 

Some Bonus Tips

Some Bonus Tips

The guide, as mentioned above on the Australian resume template, has described a great way for an Australian cv. But at resumeuncle.com can help you out with your resume by which you can impress your recruiter and get a desirable job. Here our experts have defined a few bonus tips for you:

  • Avoid copying any resume sample Australia that you seek out online. That will help you to stand out from the other candidates.
  • Focus on your online social media: LinkedIn plays an important role in the Australian job selection process, and it can result in making your professional brand.
  • If you are a senior business leader or an executive, several norms will be applied to you, therefore try to mention the highlighted point in your resume.
  • Be patient: The Australian selection process can be hectic and lengthy because of the several stakeholders’ difficulties and high expectations.
  • As time waits for none, similar, it does not wait for an Australian person: Be ready for any of appointment or any calls. 



If you face any challenges related to the Australian resume template, then you can contact our experts. we have the best experienced professional HR consultants working with Us. We can make a resume online for you that will portray the Best version of you. They offer you the relevant data at an affordable price. Our customer support executive is available to you for 24*7. Therefore, you can connect them any time, and we offer our services to the students who our executive is living around the globe.

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