Best Resume Format 2020: To Kickstart Your Career

Everyone is seeking a resume format template for the job. The resume can play an essential role in providing a job. Therefore it must be unique and well-formatted. We have given the details on the best resume format 2020, which can help you with the resume template. The more resumes you see, the more confusing it can be, especially since there are a lot of different formats to choose from. Most people don’t realize that form is one of the essential requirements when writing a successful resume. 

The bad news is that your recruiter requires a few seconds to check your resume that can draw their attention to your skills, so you should make the best impression. If you want more information about the best resume format 2020 then read this blog till the end.

What is the Best Resume File Format?

  • Usually, a PDF is your best choice: ensuring that your resume layout remains intact across all devices.
  • To stay on the safe side, your resume is available in both PDF and DOC file formats.
  • Some companies require a resume to be sent as MS Word files. Focus on job advertising; If they want you to be able to send doc resumes, you’ll need to work according to their rules.
  • Avoid file formats without a text layer, such as JPG or PNG, or files dedicated to graphic software.

Types of Resume Format:

A resume is just like a self-advertising that every candidate has to submit in front of the recruiters in advance. Therefore you have to decide which kind of resume format you can follow according to your relevant experience, requirements, and goals. There are three types of resume formats that you have to be supposed to be utilized. Please write down that these are suggested formats, however, they are not strict norms. However, it provides you ideas about presenting your resume in a better way.

1. Chronological Resume Format:

This is the most utilized format for a resume in the industry which required experienced candidates. The main objective is to feature out the history of work. In this format, we list out the history of work in chronological order, starting as soon as possible with the most recent job experience. 

Who should utilize this format– Applicants, who have a list of great work history to perform can use this kind of resume format. Also, make sure that your experiences must be relevant and align with the job profile for which you are applying. Avoid a gap between the years of employment mentioned in this format.

2. Functional Resume Format:

Unlike chronological, this resume format concentrate on your experiences and skills instead of your work history. This format does not offer much importance to the dates and times in which you have got the work experience. Work history is generally regarded as a secondary preference and must be listed after skills.

Who should utilize this format– Applicants, who have faced unemployment or are in the middle duration of a career transition, can use this kind of format. This is a most considerable resume format by present college graduates with defined work experience or comes from a separate background with no clear career path.

3. Combination Resume Format:

This resume format is a blend of both functional and chronological format that focuses equally on experience and skills and lists your history of work in chronological order. This format resume helps to prepare things systematically. It is flexible, with no limits to highlight something.

Who should utilize this format– This resume format is usually considered when you want to expand your work experience to represent your features and the type of employees you have.

 How to Create the Best Resume Format Template?

  • Fix a margin of one inch to all corners of the paper.
  • Select an 11 or 12pt resume font and attach it.
  • Divide your resume into distinct resume classes: contact information, work experience, skills, resume summary, education.
  • Create a proper resume header format for your contact details.
  • Use the bullet points in the resume format.
  • Use space 1.15 in the resume formatting.
  • Make your resume as long it is needed.
  • Don’t use photos on your resume.

Best Font Ideas used for Resume Format Template:

Did you know that your handwriting reflects your character features?

Similarly, the font or typeface you choose tells a lot about your personality. So if you’re aiming to make your first impression through aesthetically attractive fonts, you’ll have to choose the right fonts. A modern resume does not contain more than two fonts. Using more fonts in the resume breaks the stability and does not look good. Some fonts that you can use in your able resume. These are the following:

  • Times New Roman: This is the most famous font in every field. The reason behind using this font is that it is easy to read as well as print.
  • Arial: This font suggests the best option for your best resume format. Every person used this font because every line is clean and easy to read.
  • Calibri: This is an excellent option for secure and readable fonts that have a default Microsoft Word font. It is one of the most common fonts for most readers and presents on the computer screen.
  • Helvetica: This font relates to the Sans-serif font family and is known as the cleanest and modern font. It is a favorite of typographers. It has also been used in logos of various popular brands like Lufthansa, American Nestle, Apparel, etc.
  • Georgia: If you want to opt for a traditional yet sophisticated alternative to Times New Roman, you can go to Georgia. This is good with its readability characteristics.


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