Choosing Dedicated Servers for Small Businesses which are Affordable and Reliable

It’s the start of the holiday season across the world, and online businesses are booming. It’s not that this is happening just this year, but of servers course, 2020 is unlike any year in recent history. The deadly COVID-19 virus is responsible for a global economic meltdown, and the consequences may become worse as the second and third waves of the virus are wreaking havoc worldwide. 

Online businesses have flourished like never before with people confined to their homes and work from home is the new normal. The stocks of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have soared to record levels. In the same way, small businesses and startups are also doing brisk business, given that they have the merits. That’s why online businesses and e-commerce have seen tremendous growth, and the future looks ripe too, even without COVD-19. 

The Use of Web Hosting 

Web hosting for online businesses is critical as they must offer a secure and safe passage for all the transactions through their website. Shared servers don’t provide much support to them as they can become overwhelmed as the traffic on their website increases. Thus, dedicated servers are what can work for any business and well into the future. 

A common myth about dedicated servers is that they aren’t cheap and cost a fortune. The word dedicated is the culprit here as this gives the impression of something expensive that small businesses can’t afford. A powerful and secure website hosting is the requirement for any company, and a dedicated server fits the bill for it completely. 

Dedicating Hosting 

An investment in a hosting server at the right time will offer a world of good for you. And there probably will never be a better time than this. Businesses are making roaring sales across the board and consumers even buying their household items like groceries online. Managing a website with a dedicated server can benefit any business with greater bandwidth, powerful servers and infrastructure, to name a few. 

A hosting server’s performance decides what difference can it make so that visitors on that website can browse through and make transactions without any delay. While most of them look for a solution that can make things easier for them to manage, this is you need to think out of the box. Cheap dedicated servers are definitely the answer to all your concerns about how to host a website to perfection. 

A taut solution that is cheaper is definitely more affordable for small businesses so that they can also start their business knowing that they have a solid backing. Costing and saving precious amounts in the initial days of starting your business is critical, and that’s why several businesses go for a shared server. Don’t make this mistake because several factors will come to haunt you just after a few days. Think of a long-term strategy rather than something that will cost you your business. 

Affordable Web Hosting

Through affordable web hosting, the companies can have a sigh of relief so that they can focus on the other aspects of their business. Costing is certainly on the minds of the owner of any business, but as mentioned before, don’t think saving money for a shared server, that is not up to the mark. Don’t think about your business’s website as your personal blog or where you share pictures with your friends. Think of it as your life depends upon it and treat it accordingly.

You must have often heard about 99.9% of uptime. This is not just a marketing gimmick but as something that is a standard. Even when some services offer you 99.5 or 99% uptime, don’t go for services as they are offering you a substandard service. Even something slightly below the industry standard must not be accepted at any cost. Let me explain this aspect further for your easy understanding. 

Think about the time you will have as downtime for your website even if you will get 99.9% uptime. For a whole year, this may translate into a few hours. Think about what will happen when it is 99% or even less? This can well stretch to over 24 hours or even more so you can imagine what can happen to your business. Never commit such a mistake so that you are on top of everything. Think rationally before taking any decision for the best results. 

Issues That you May Encounter in this Concern

By cheaper price, if you connote something ordinary or well below the standard, then you are thinking in terms of marketing or daily buying and selling. Cheap is not something that you must look for when buying a product for durability. For example, think about a sneaker that you want to buy. If you go for any other brand, you will save some money, but for Adidas or Nike, probably you have to pay the premium. 

Now relate this example with the start of your online business. You can select Nike as the best dedicated server for you, or you can go for a cheaper variant. Either way, you must choose a dedicated server that will work for you in the long term. Hosting is not something that you can easily ignore or hire any Tom, Dick and Harry for this. A hosting service which can offer you the best service in terms of a server working wonders for you is the need of the hour. 

Final Word

Don’t ever go for a company’s service, which looks suspicious. For instance, if all the dedicated servers are available for 1000 dollars/month, a company offering its services for 200 dollars/month is certainly suspicious. I have advised you to go for a cheaper solution at the start, but 200 dollars is too less. That company is probably there to con new businesses like you from their hard-earned money. Always go for a reliable and prominent hosting service rather than a suspicious one so that you don’t rue your decision.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, then you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.  

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