Common Job Interview Question And Answer

Common interview question

Want to crack all interviews of your upcoming jobs? It is always essential to get prepared with reasonable answers to respond effectively. As these questions are general, the hiring managers also expect a candidate to give the answer without hesitation and smoothly. Keep in mind that one does not require to memorize the answers, whereas you need to know about what one is going to answer that you can highlight your skills. Your reactions should be strong enough if one practices all these questions in advance. This post will help you to know the common job interview question and answer and make sense of your answers.

Top 10 common interview questions

Tell me about yourself

What do they want to know: This is one of the most common interview questions, and here, the hiring manager wants to know the reason why you are the one which fits for this job. Therefore, try to give the answer about yourself or your personal information instead of giving external information too little, or too much. One can initiate with sharing the information about your personal experiences and interests, which either relate directly or indirectly with your work, like an overview account of information about your education, where you grew up, your favorite hobby, and what motivates you the most. You can also highlight some fun facts related to your hobbies or showcase the personality as per the need that makes your interview even more interesting. 

Why should we hire you over another candidate

What do they want to know: This is another most common interview question that sound like are you the best aspirant for this job profile? The interviewer wants to check whether the candidate has all the necessary qualifications and skills for the job profile or not. So, get prepared to describe why you are the best choice for a particular job profile and why they should hire you. Give the response a concise, confident, highlighted sales pitches which can describe what you are providing them using your skills and tell about all your skills that make you the best for the job.

What is your biggest or greatest strength?

What do they want to know: This is the top interview questions by which they want the candidate is qualified for this job profile or not. When they ask you to tell your greatest strength; therefore, it is essential to discuss all the attributes that can help you to qualify you for an interview and qualities that highlight you apart from another candidate. It can be anything that motivates you to do certain things, and you can mention that as your greatest strength too. 

What is your biggest or greatest weakness?

What do they want to know: This is another top interview questions by which they can check what can affect you and how do you deal with it. Therefore, it is necessary to frame the answers into a positive way of your abilities and skills as an employee, so turn your weaknesses into your strengths. Here, one can share the experience that they have experienced during the improvement of your skills, supply particular examples about how did you recognize a weakness and what you have done to correct it. Try to answer it in a positive way and answer confidently. 

Why have you left (or want to leave) your current job?

What do they want to know: This is also common interview questions and answers, and the hiring manager wants to get the idea of why you want to work for a company in which you are giving your interview. This should also include the answer to why you are leaving your present position; therefore, try to stick to the main facts, focus on the answer and be direct to the reason, especially if you are the one who is a departure for any reason. Sometimes, it is better to answer directly instead of hiding any reason as you are the one who is going to work with their organization.

What is your salary expectation?

What do they want to know: It can be taken as the common interview questions and answers and the interviewer like to know what do you expecting from the company it includes your earn, insurance, and other facilities. It might look like a sample job interview question, but remember that your response to this question can knock you to the competition for that particular job if you have high expectations from the company. So, do not overprice yourself, also do not underprice too, as you might shortchange with the lower prices.

What is the reason why do you want to get this job profile?

What do they want to know: It is a job interview question that each hiring manager wants to know. Because of this question, you have the chance to show your research work, which means you can tell the information that you have researched about this job and the company. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time to research out some important information about the company, its services, mission and culture, products. Be particular about what makes you the best choice for this job profile and mention aspects of the position and company that show your skills for the job.

How do you handle work pressure and stress?

What do they want to know: It is the most asked job interview question, and it can e asked in any way like how do you handle with most difficult situations? What do you do to de-stress your mind to work smoothly? Here the main objective of the hiring manager is to know do you able to handle your stress level or not. Never claim that you rarely, or never, experienced stress, as everyone knows that each person gets depressed sometimes with their work. Instead of this, formulate the answer in a positive manner that acknowledges your work pressure and stress. Explain the method to overcome it, or use it to your benefit.

Explain a situation when you find it difficult to handle the work projects or situations, and how do you overcome it?

What do they want to know: It is a common interview question where the hiring manager wants to know the situation when you have faced difficulty with making the right decision. As the question is about the stress, so get ready to share some of the examples here for what you did to handle the difficult situations. Try to share the relevant details to make an engaging and believable story. Give appropriate examples and explain them in the most useful manner.

What are your objectives or goals for the future?

What do they want to know: It is another common interview question which is designed to search out whether you can stick to the job or move to another job as soon as you get another better opportunity. Manage your answer that can concentrate on the job and the organization, and try to tell the hiring interviewer that this job profile aligns with your long-term objectives


Being the best online resume builder, we have mentioned the top 10 common interview questions and answers that can help you to get prepared with these questions. Prepare the best answers and give your interview confidently. As a result of which, hiring manager does not have any reason not to select you. Besides these questions, there are several other questions too that are generally not ask, such as your work experience because there is the possibility that you might be a fresher. Prepare yourself with the question and answer them in the best possible way that can impress your hiring manager. 

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