Freelance Writer Resume Sample – Tips For Crafting

Freelance Writer Resume

Individual who wants to earn extra income with their regular jobs or want to work as a freelance writer may select freelance jobs. The primary expectation of writers is to write something meaningful in the given time. A freelance writer can be provided with a particular topic and can be expected to write the post within the given time with the relevant data. There are various writers who can write their articles for periodicals, magazines, journals, and much more. There are various writers who write for the website content. 

The main abilities of a freelance writer are,

  • Ability to find out the relevant data on a given topic.
  • Capacity to conclude the overall content.
  • Knowledge of several fields.
  • Skill to manage the subject details.

Before starting for work, one requires to understand the method of freelance writer resume, and it will help of land on various assignments.

Writers need more than just writing

The freelance writer resume, known as a CV that is the short form of Curriculum Vitae, has several smaller parts. This includes resume writing, editing of resume, and resume niche areas. These areas have separation because there are several writers who write straight out, but there are other writers too who do editing as well. Besides this, there are some writers who are generalists and write everything But, other writers need to focus on their niche areas. Whatever is one’s expertise, start with an objective paragraph, and then select the number of skills that are helpful for you to show your expertise. 

Get Start

The initial part of a resume starts with an objective or a conclusion. It talks about what one wants and more about what one has that can be provided as a freelance writer. We can say that it sets one apart from other competitors. The most important thing about an objective paragraph is that it must never overstate. This statement can write down as the writer’s conclusion in an impressive manner. There are other methods to write an initial paragraph that used to sort the name in order to grab the attention of the readers. This is not a location where you have to overly modest or shy. Sometimes, you have noticed that the less essential items, such as education, represented in the middle section of the resume paragraph. This area must sort and has the content which is represented in a powerful manner. 

Freelance Writer Resume’s Conclusion

Let’s take an example of how to write a conclusion. An award-winning writer and a managing editor-in-chief highlighted in “give the name of the book” and work in the “name of the radio network.” Providing the service is over XX  years that involve XX  years in writing for a large educational organization. Some other clients include “give the name of an organization,” “second big name of an organization,”  and “third big name of an organization.” a bachelor’s degree in English is provide to them and pursuing a master’s degree. Niche specializations in education, health and benefits, Latino issues, and nonprofit. 

Specifies Education

Make sure that if one’s college years are far behind, then one needs to shift this particular section at the resume’s end. So that one can show more relevant, recent work experience at the top of the resume. This represents :

  • ABC State University: M Ed in XX (accepted to complete a degree in “month of the year”).
  • ABC State University: B Ed in XX year.
  • Other education involves conferences and seminars.
  • Additional applicable internships.


The freelance writer resume for a magazine must have all necessary details, such as when you are listing the published writing work for a particular magazine, list the name of the biggest publication at the starting, then follow it as per the contribution work, then list one-off posts. Try to mention something noticeable like a cover story. Here you don’t need to be a cover story writer but include all the outstanding work that you have probably proudly done for the cover story. Besides this, you can mention the work that you have done as reviews, social media, grant writing, essays, blogging, traveling writing, and film reviews.

  • Most suitable titles.
  • A continuous contributor in AA periodical.
  • Title of the post published in ABC magazine that follows the date.

Freelance writer resume for a copywriter

As you know, the fact that there are several copywriting is done for the ongoing clients. That is why the freelance writer resume for a copywriter can be started by listing the efforts done by you and the “name of the client.” But if it is about a one-off, then one has the choice To list their work with the project title, like “sale brochure.” Try to explain the nature of the work that you have done for each client. Also, mention additional benefits that your work provides to you and them.

  • ABC Client (Working as a contract writer over AA years).
  • Client, Project, Distribution, Results, Reach.

Editing and proofreading 

Check the format of the freelance writer resume in which you have to mention the work you have done as a proofreader or the editor. Sometimes, the publisher will hire you for a particular experience in a single kind of work, such as for proofreading or editing in Google docs, and other word files. 

  • The title of the book, publisher, author, date (initialing with the best noticeable book).
  • Title of publication, the role for editing, dates.
  • Experience working in Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.

Expertise for subject matters

List out the important target niches, which can be helpful for the potential clients to check what is exactly they want and why a particular editor or writer can be a good fit for their work. Besides this, you can consider it at the top area of your resume, especially while you are submitting the freelance writer resume to a particular niche company or publication.

  • Published post in ABC magazine (initiate with the reputed name).
  • Long-term connect work in ABC company.


  • Name, company, title, relevant contact information.

This can be a subjective decision completely, and there is no need to specify this information for a particular client. If you want to list the references, then ensure that it needs to check or double-check the resume about whether it gives you a good review or not. And whether it can make it possible to access you through email or phone or not.


Being the best online resume builder, we can assure you that these freelance writer resume formats can help you to craft resume easily. This post has detailed the important things which are necessary to mention in your resume. The resume can be for copywriter, magazine writer, editor and proofreader, and much more. Try to mention all the relevant information in your resume so that it can grab the attention of potential clients. Try to craft a simple but effective resume so that you can easily access and earn some extra money along with your jobs. 

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