How Long Should a Resume Be?

How long should a resume be?

Almost every unemployed candidates ask the same question, that is, how long should a resume be? There is not any fixed length of resume; the length of the resume should depend on your experience and types of job which you are seeking. The more you have relevant experience, the longer the length of your resume should be.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the same question of how long should a resume length be? We also talked about some other important things about resume length and resume builder.

Why Resume Length Matters

Why Resume Length Matters-:

It is your first impression on the employer. Your selection in any job depends on your resume. It allows the employer to make a view about you. So it is very important for you as a resume builder you remember that don’t make it very short or very lengthy. If you can make a good, short, and attractive resume, then it is very impressive and engaging. But if it so long and covers full of words is never impressive for any employer.

Should Resumes Be of One Page?

Should Resumes Be of One Page?

Sometimes most people ask a common question, that is, should a resume be of one page. We can’t say that it is impossible but, resumes don’t have to be one page. If a man who got hundreds of accomplishments at present, then he can’t be boiled down it. So you have to make resume length at least as long as so you can easily mention all your experiences. Nobody will fault you for a 2 to 3-page.

How many Pages a Resume Should Be

How many Pages a Resume Should Be-:

As we discuss that resume length should depend on your relevant experience. It also depends on the types of job you are seeking for:

1.If you have many years of working experience in different fields. Suppose if you have experience of 5-10 years, then you should prepare a two or three-page resume.

2. If you are related to fields that require technical skills, then you can also write a two-page resume. This resume length will give you the space to combine your relevant experiences.

3.If any person who is an entry-level applicant or any fresher who are applying for the first time for a job, for his less is more good. He may be aiming for a one-page resume.

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Writing a Resume

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Writing a Resume-:

Here we are discussing the best useful tips and tricks which are helpful for you in making a successful resume:

1. Make Sure Keep it Relevant-:

If you are going to make a resume, first of all, you must keep it relevant. You can start your resume, by discussing the achievement that proves that you’ve already worked in such a nailed job. Try to consider your quality and relevant experience, which is related to your job type. Always discuss true, puts the things and your skills, so that makes your hiring manager say, ”wow”.

2. Try to Play with Spacing-:

When you are deciding about resume length,  you must follow these tips; you can also try playing with spacing in your resume. For example-: Sometimes, you see that you have two spaces between each heading; in that case, you should try to reduce it to one space between each heading. Always make sure that there is not any extra spacing in your details; it makes it difficult to understand your information for the employer.

3. Try to Reduce the Margins-:

As a resume builder, you might try to reduce the margins a bit, but always remember that don’t make them smaller than 1/2-inches. It is also important that you have to make sure that you keep enough white space on your resume. At last, you must make sure that your resume is tailored to the specific position for which you are applying.

4. Try to change the style of words-:

It is a very important fact that bold words always taken up more space than italicized words. So while you are writing your CV, try to change anything in bold to italics. It’s sometimes required for you to change the margins too, but don’t try to change it completely, only slightly.

5. Try Play with Size and Font-:

If you are trying to prepare a one- page cv, but your information is more that will not cover in one page. So there are various ways to get your resume. Your CV should be the used 11-12 point font. If your titles are too large, then try to shorten them a little bit. Try to make your heading slightly smaller and don’t try to make a very large size and complicated heading. Probably if you still want to make it slightly larger than the rest of the text, then you can try but under your font. Don’t take any font size which irrelevantly increases its length.

6. Try to Keep it, Neat-: 

If you want to make a cv effective and attractive, then you must be sure to leave enough white space on each page. Your priority should be to make your cv an easy to read and clear cv. Always use a 10- or 12- point font or try to use a font which is easy to read all points.

7.Things Which you Need to Eliminate-:

As we already discussed, that it plays a very important role in your interview. It creates a first impression in an employer’s mind about you. So you have to eliminate some unnecessary things to include in it. Avoid mentioning your personal hobbies like- listening to music, riding bikes, etc, which are not related to your job experiences. Similarly, there is no need to list your street address at the top of your CV. So have to always try to eliminate this kind of thing in it.



A well structured and well-formatted CV is very important for a job seeker. If you are applying for any type of job, then you need to make an attractive and engaging cv. In this article, we discuss all the important things related to it, which can be helpful for you in making a successful cv. Still, if you find any type of difficulty for making a cv, you can request to make resume templates from our experts. They are providing you the best samples at very affordable prices. So if you find any difficulty regarding it, let’s take our make a resume online services.

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