How to Add Resume to LinkedIn

how to add resume to linkedin

LinkedIn is a business and job-oriented network that operates through mobile apps and websites. It was launched in May 2003 and was founded in December 2002. It is a professional website for social media networking and is the largest professional network with millions of members worldwide. If you don’t know how to add a resume to LinkedIn. we are ready to help you with our best online resume builder.

No matter if you are a magazine editor, a marketing executive, a reporter, a businessperson, or even just a 1st-year university student seeking the work after graduation, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for you.

LinkedIn has 600 million Subscribers:

But is this business networking platform truly able to assist you to operate on land? You have taken a big step in the right direction because you learn how to post your resume correctly on LinkedIn. Continue reading to learn how to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile so employers can find the latest jobs.

  • LinkedIn has experienced a major revamp, and the great “Import resume” feature has been dropped.
  • However, it is not the world’s peak.
  • Although it has become less easy to post resumes to LinkedIn, you can still do it.

Follow the steps below and in no time can you publish your CV on LinkedIn:

Uploading Resume to LinkedIn—Step by Step

  • Sign in (or sign up if you do not have an account) to LinkedIn. Go to the “Me” drop-down menu in the upper right corner and press “View Profile.”
  • To allow editing, press on the pencil symbol on the right side of your display picture.
  • Press the link to the Media and press Upload. Select the resume document you stored to your device and select Open.
  • Apply a genuine name to your resume document (since the default name of file and summary fields are empty).

Upload Your Resume on LinkedIn’s Job Page

The second (and better for job applicants) choice is to add a new resume every time you seek employment using the job search feature of LinkedIn. If you are not sure where to start, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Find an occupation you would love to apply for.

  • Tap at the top of the screen on the “Jobs” symbol. It appears like a thumbnail suitcase and is at the top of the page on the right side of the menu.
  • Now It will carry you to the web page where you can browse the work by name and location.
  • Also, LinkedIn will give you preferred work from your other searches When you pick a position, the ad will demonstrate how it suits your skill set (supposing you have achieved this aspect of your profile).
  • Select “Easy Apply” if it is a perfect fit.

Step 2:

Add a resume to LinkedIn as a Word document or in PDF Format. Click “Upload” and add a resume to LinkedIn.

Step 3:

Do not click on submit application until you will not ensure that the quality of your resume is relevant to the role. If you do not know where to begin, read our detailed list of job application tips.

Step 4:

Submit, and you are done.

  • When your resume is in an ideal structure, click on the Submit application” button.
  • If you have the money to spend, LinkedIn also has some premium services to help your search for work.
  • Simply submit your resume is too much for most applicants to pursue finding another job.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn will allow you to create new connections and even get a job. It has an immense collection of opportunities online, which makes it very necessary to learn how to add a resume to LinkedIn the correct way.

Make Your Caption Detailed:

You have search out professional people on LinkedIn. A recruiter can automatically see your headline under your name as you appear in a list. It’s the only thing that determines if someone clicks on you.

Get LinkedIn Recommendations:

Through LinkedIn, you have to look professional to people all over the world. So, the first of LinkedIn’s profile recommendations is about the news. When you feature in a spreadsheet, a recruiter may immediately display the headline under your name. The only thing that determines whether someone clicks through you.

Add Publications, Videos, and Pictures:

You are not restricted to articulating yourself through text on LinkedIn. You can also connect to your profile interviews, pictures, and videos. Visual media inspires and renders the image more unforgettable for recruiters. Choose to include the new presentation with an introduction video or a short film.



Learning how to add a resume on LinkedIn properly is a great way to find opportunities for more jobs. Through submitting a tailored application for each role, you can use your curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile to great effect and help you get more interviews. The above information will also help you to make your profile more effective.

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