How to List References on a Resume

how to list references on a resume

References are a technique for employers to learn how a candidate for a vacancy applying in their business that has done in their earlier positions or all through their academic career. While a hiring manager asks for a reference, they desire to form an idea of how the applicant has utilized their skills, assure any qualifications as well as ask questions about the aspiring employee general character and conduct. If you don’t know about how to list references on a resume don’t worry. we are here to help you with our best online resume builder services.

list of references

List of References

It is vital to have persons who can guarantee for your skills and abilities at the time of jobs applying, but offering references list right at an early stage isn’t continuously the best policy.

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A reference list comprises people a potential employer might interact with learning more of your information. These people have to be capable of speak to your job qualifications. Every so often on the list, an employer will contact one person only, and later an employer will contact everybody.

A strong reference list for a position can be a better way to establish your qualifications.


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How to List References

how to list references

Before you start hunting your job, collect your references on a ‘Professional Reference Page.’  Contain each reference’s title, name, phone number, email address, and organization.

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Though some people propose that you provide your reference addresses, we endorse that for two reasons, you stop them. Initially, hiring managers would not be contacting your reference through snail mail. Second, most likely, your references do not want you to share their info. Do not forget to simplify your relationship with every reference, as well as from how much time you have recognized them.

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There are steps to list a reference on a resume:

  • Add the First and Last Name of Reference’s 
  •  Mention Reference’s Professional Title or Position
  • List the Reference’s Company Name
  • Include the Company Address
  • Add the Company’s State, Zip, and City
  • Put The Reference Phone Number
  • Include the Reference Email Address.


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Example of Reference List

How to Indicate Professional References

how to indicate professional references

Former colleagues or managers are the best references as they have direct knowledge of your work environment abilities and skills. Though, for recent graduates or a student, it can be difficult to find professional references. So, for persons who have a deficiency of work experience, professors, teachers, advisors, guidance counselors, and coaches are all for a professional reference are suitable alternatives.


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Neither family members nor friends are better options and have only to be used as the only hope. Friends and Family for employers don’t grasp much weight later they are probably to say only positive things also to your abilities they are not aware of in a work environment.

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listing references tips

Listing References Tips

  • The references are listing most probably to give you a radiant recommendation near to your list top.
  • For a particular job, pick the best references under consideration.
  • Keep a separate reference list for confidential searches of the job.


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Who is a good resume reference?

who is a good resume reference

The good references to add up in our working professionals associated with the industry in which you’re applying, however unconnected to you in a family sense. Get and Try as different a group as likely.

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There are people of eight types to include on your professional references list:

  • Former boss (such as a direct manager)
  • Former employer
  • Supervisor (not essentially the direct manager)
  • Mentor (they can be your professor or teacher)
  • A colleague (teammate or coworker)
  • Advisor (containing academic advisors)
  • Friend (but only while they presently work in a company you are applying to).
  • Project or Business partner.

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Hope you get the answer to the question of “how to list references on a resume”



In a resume section of reference is an important part and have not to be entirely omitted. For getting a selection or better position, it’s good to be good references includes in your resume such as your former boss, supervisors, advisors, etc. We explain a detail description of listing the reference in your resume.

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