How to write a letter of recommendation

how to write a letter of recommendation

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Topic will cover the following points-:

  • What is a letter of recommendation?
  • Before writing a recommendation letter
  • What to do if you’re not able to give a positive recommendation
  • Format of recommendation letter

What to cover


What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a document that may be required for a student(to get admission to a school or college), co-worker, home purchase, internship, voluntary opportunity. Clients can write these letters, vendors,  business colleagues, neighbors. And other people or recommenders who know the potential of a job candidate.

Organizations sometimes, ask for two or three recommendation letters to acquire better knowledge about the concerned candidate to get the best fit for the company. Generally, a recommendation letter is composed with the applicant’s skills and abilities. And how the recommender knows him and why he is recommending him.

Know here about Hard skills vs Soft skills.

Before writing a Recommendation letter-

Before accepting a request for a recommendation letter, you must ask some questions from yourself-

  • Do you know the applicant personally or through observation?
  • Do you know the relevant experience and skills of a candidate?
  • Are you able to add some specific examples?
  • Can you give productive feedback about that applicant?

Above mentioned points will clear you whether you can give a quality recommendation or not.

How to write a letter of recommendation

What to do if you are not able to give positive recommendation-

You may be approached by someone for a recommendation letter, but you feel that you can’t give a positive response to him because you may not be much familiar with that person or with his performance.

In this case, instead of giving useless recommendations, you must let him know respectfully that you are unable to fulfill the request so that the applicant can find an alternative solution for himself.

 Format of a recommendation letter

A personal reference letter must include information on who you are, your connection with an applicant. Why you are recommending him, and the specific skills or capabilities that he has that you would demonstrate with prolific examples. Review the following template to get ideas on what to write and how to write.


You need not include any salutation if you’re writing any general letter, writing “To whom it may concern” would be great for this type of letter. But, you must include a salutation(such as Dear Mrs.  Singh, Dear Mr. Jones, etc.) for a character reference letter.

Body paragraph 1

The first paragraph generally contains information about how you know the recommending person and why you are qualified to write a recommendation for him.

Body paragraph 2

The second paragraph contains private information of a person whom you are writing about, such as why the candidate is qualified. What he can contribute,  his skills or qualities. And why you are writing a reference letter for him. You should include specific examples and use more than one paragraph if necessary.


 A brief summary would include why you are recommending the person. You could add words like  “highly recommend” or “recommend without reservation” to make your letter more attractive.


This section contains an offer for further information, including a phone number, email address, either within the paragraph or includes these in the return address section of your letter. You can also write these in your email signature.

Sincerely/yours truly,

Your name


Other than these aspects, as it is a formal business document so it must be printed on the letterhead of your current firm with the current date and signed by you. The standard business font must be used and the margins should be 1 inch at the sides and the bottom.

 What to cover

Your connection with the person: It includes briefly mentioning what capacities you know the person has along with the years he worked with you.

 Skills and strengths of a candidate: State some productive skills and capabilities you know about that person, such as positive attitude, multitasking, etc.

Focusing the job description: Job description must match the position a person is applying for. It would be more exceptional if you are using the same language as that in the job description.

Follow a business letter outlay: Use the official business letter format for your recommendation letter. You might consider adding a recommendation email in the essence instead of a message.

Positive attitude towards applicant: Mention your positive attitude for recommending the person, including some strong words such as “I recommend this person without reservation”.

Share your contact information: It is the way an employer can contact you for any further query. This includes your contact number, email address, etc.

Mind some submission guidelines:  make your letter be in a required format (for instance, PDF, physical letter, etc.) and make sure you have submitted it before the deadlines.

How to write a letter of recommendation example:

There can be many formats of recommendation letters. Following is an example of what a completed recommendation letter may look like for a job applicant.

To Whom it May Concern:

It would be a great pleasure for me to highly recommend Smith Jones for a position as a Technical Assistant for Infosys internationals.

I am Danny Cordial, a Data Analyst at Softech limited. I have 10 years of experience working as a client services specialist and Data management. And have seen many young professionals keep on coming and going. Smith Jones is one individual I have worked with who uniquely stands out.

During our time together, Smith showed great talents in technical applications, such as java, R coding, Python. And several other data visualization tools. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with Smith and the technical skills she had on day one. But during the time worked together, her understanding of technical terms has proved an asset for the company.

My first experience

My first experience with Smith’s adaptability came not long after she was hired. Last year, we had one client who sent data in Linux that needed extensive cleanup.

At that time, Smith’s experience with Linux was limited, but she worked extra hours to learn how to properly clean up data in Linux through the use of commands. Within a short period, the client’s data was properly cleaned for further visualization. Finally, she got umpteen praise from the Client.

It’s not just her technical skills that impress me. However,  Smith has an amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines. Her doing attitude in any situation and team-building skills were also significant. And valued not just by myself but by her colleague.

I am absolutely confident that Smith would be a great fit for your Company. She has some specific skills and experiences you’re looking for in an application that will become an asset from your company.

I would be glad to further elaborate on my time working with her.


Danny Cordial

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