How to Write an Academic Essay: Step by Step

Academic Essay

Your academic career will need you to write tens and hundreds of essays. So, it’s imperative that you know how to write an academic essay to avoid unnecessary headaches and stress.

An essay is a piece of writing that puts extensive, well-researched, and logical arguments on a specific topic. If you are doing majors in English, you’ll probably have to write hundreds of essays in your undergraduate career alone. And knowing how to write a good essay can save you a lot of trouble. So, that’s what we will discuss here.

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Develop a Topic

The first thing you need to do for your academic essay is to determine a topic and develop a thesis statement. Your instructor, while assigning you to write an academic essay, may ask you to write about a specific topic or you may have to determine the topic yourself.

There will also be the type of essay you need to write. It can be a narrative essay, or descriptive or persuasive, as your teacher might require of you.


After developing your thesis statement, now you need to make your research on that particular topic. If you are writing about personal experiences, then no research would be necessary. But for any other topic, you need to make your research from reputable sources.

Begin your research early. For some topics, the information would be readily available on ten internet, but you may need to visit the library as well. So, early research would mean you will get more time in gathering all the information you want from different reputable and trustworthy sources, which would help make your essay an incredible one.

Create an Outline

After gathering your researched information, now you should plan on structuring your essay. A general structure for a five-paragraph essay is an introduction, three or more paragraphs of body, and a concluding paragraph.

Each paragraph in the body of an essay must speak of a different idea and focus on it. When you prepare the outline, think of the content of each body paragraph, so that your essay as a whole is nicely and logically structured, and makes for an engrossing read.

Write the Essay

After you have framed an outline for your essay, now it’s time you start writing it. Begin with the introduction. This paragraph should include your thesis statement and some text explaining the statement. This paragraph can also include any background information required to thoroughly follow your essay.

The body paragraphs are where you write your arguments and present logic in favor of them. You can present facts, statistics, or other researcher’s thoughts on the point you are making in each paragraph.

The last comes the conclusion. This is a single paragraph where you summarize by points, what you have told in the body and give the readers a feeling of reaching a logical end.

Edit Your Work

The first draft is important but more important is fine-tuning it on your consecutive drafts. Several revisions are often required and you must carefully go through your essay and find out what you want to change and include or exclude.

Also, make sure you have not presented any incorrect information. So, double-check your resources and get the information correct.

This is how to write an academic essay. If all these sound a bit confusing to you or you are not feeling confident about writing your essay, you can always connect with us. We provide an excellent masters essay writing service and our expert panel of writers are always eager to help you in any type of academic writing.

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