How To Write A Resume For Math Teacher

math teacher resume

There are several individuals who are looking for the best methods to write a math teacher resume. There is a necessity to mention all the details about your qualification, skills, and much more. This post will help you to know the exact method to write an effective resume for the teacher job profile. Besides this, we will cover all the data about which format is best to use, how to write an objective/summary, and much more. Let’s get all this information in detail.

Select the best format for your resume

Always divide or multiple your ideas before writing or editing your resume. For math computation, all rules matter. In the same way, there are several rules that must be followed to write a math teacher resume. Here, we have mentioned the right format for writing a resume to get the attention:

  • Write the name and tittle job in your technical header resumes.
  • Layout the sections to write your skills in a more effective manner so that your hire manager can navigate those sections easily.
  • Try to write the resume in a reverse- chronological format to represent it in the best way.
  • Use classic font and utilize the white space in the best manner.
  • Always send a math teacher resume in the form of PDF as this file format is considered to be open and machine-readable.

NOTE: If you are thinking about how long your resume should be. In several cases, this one-page resume can be beneficial for you. Customize the resume and change it as per the requirement of the work.

Methods to write a math teacher resume summary or objective

The principals of the school are covered under the paperwork. As per our HR statical reports, it takes only 6-7 seconds on a particular resume. Therefore, one requires a specific thing to grab the attention of the hiring manager. This is possible with the help of professional resume profiles. One can take it as a career objective or career summary. Let’s check the difference between both these:

A math teacher resume objective:

It is appropriate for those aspirants who are targeting entry-level positions. This kind of resume supports skills and represent your motive for a particular job to the hiring manager.

A math teacher resumes summary:

This is suitable for candidates who have more than two years of teaching experience. It can represent your achievements and the best wins of your career.

Write an effective math teacher job description 

You have browsed various examples of math teacher resume but might not have an idea about how to represent your responsibilities. One can follow below-mentioned techniques and write an effective experience section in your resume.these methods are:

  • Change the resume as per the job profile and job requirement and represent your skills and experiences that your recruiters are looking for.
  • Start with the latest or current work, then match among previous posts.
  • For every entry, write a title for your job, name of the organization, locations, and work dates.
  • Set the duties in a list of bullet points (try to write six bullet details for a specific task).
  • Apply words related to make an effective resume. Utilize power verbs, such as monitored, coordinated, researched, performed, etc.

NOTE: If you want to use numbers in your resume, use them in your experience section with bullet points. Add achievements that are relevant to your math teacher resume.

Mention qualification to make a relevant math teacher resume

If you are a working educator, write an education section in your resume that is easy to understand. But you do not have any idea regarding this, then use these points to summarize academic studies in a meaningful manner: 

  • One is a math teacher who has experience of more than five years in the teaching area. It is quite enough for those to list out your school location and name, degree, and graduate year.
  • If you are new to this field, recognize the list of your GPA, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and appropriate coursework.

NOTE: Several schools in the US that have numerous academic and necessity of license for teaching the mathematics subject. One is drafting a math teacher resume of high school or for an elementary school. Always examine the licensing necessities for the teachers in a particular state.

Grab the attention of the recruiter to your mathematics teacher skill

Being a teacher is not everyone’s cup of tea, and teaching math is much wider than just solving the equations. Therefore, it is necessary to shape your young mind to become an excellent math teacher. One can help those teachers by navigating the numbers into the real world. Your recruiter manager is looking for some of the soft and hard skills. These skills have mentioned below for the reference point of view.

Math teacher resume skills:

  • Standardized testing
  • Hardware (e.g., tablets, smartboard)
  • Behavioral management
  • Creating assignments and exams 
  • Classroom management
  • Enthusiasm and friendliness
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Decision making 
  • Problem-solving
  • Creative lesson planning
  • SMARTboard interactive displays
  • Software (e.g., Microsoft Mathematics, Math Editor)
  • Knowledge of curriculum
  • Developing education plans
  • Patience and understanding
  • Child first aid and CPR
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management

NOTE: Cluttering a resume with various skills might not be an excellent idea. Therefore, select only some abilities that imply that you are the best fit for this kind of job profile.


As we have mentioned above, being a teacher is not an easy task, and getting the teacher’s job is much more difficult. That is why we have mentioned all the necessary details about the math teacher resume. This includes methods to write your summary or objective, qualification, and much more. One can put their soft and hard skills in a relevant manner to grab the attention of the hiring manager. 

If you are still facing any difficulty, then let us make a resume online for you. We have a team of experts who can provide you the best ever written resumes by adding relevant details to it. So, do not hesitate, get our help for an effective resume that helps you to get your dream job.

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