Most Common Mistakes in a Resumes

resume common mistakes

Does mistakes in a resume matter? Certainly, they matter; you know the resume is the first contact between you and interviewer that showcase your academic background, potential and exactly who you are and how you are the best match for the job. So, it becomes extremely important to make a flawless resume, because prevention of resume mistakes is not possible once your resume reached to the hiring manager. some of the most common mistakes in resumes are grammatical errors, job description and resume description does not match, obsolete type resume and many more.

Here is a List of Most Common Mistakes in a Resume

Spelling or Grammatical Errors

Sometimes, it happens that a single mistake due to misspelling or grammar can divest your dream job and it is one of the most common mistakes in a resume. Such kind of mistakes in a job application shows that you are not serious and committed to that job at all. Thus, you need to crosscheck your resume by yourself or any other trustworthy person before sending it to the recruiter.

One Resume Pattern for Different Job Applications

Time constraints and many other hurdles allow candidates to use the same kind of resume for multiple job applications which may require different skills and backgrounds. Moreover, the culture and needs of different countries are different most of the time and in this situation using the same version of a resume for the different environments is definitely a wrong step.

Personal Information

Personal information such as your nationality, your religion, your marital status might have asked in the past by the recruiter but, this is not the case anymore. Now, the situation has transformed totally, to be asked such information is considered illegal in this day and age world.

Listing out unnecessary personal information in a resume has become one of the most common mistakes in a resume.

Therefore, you just have to focus on how you are the best fit for the job description and that’s all.

Improper Email Address

Yes, it is also the most common mistake in a resume that is scrutinized by most recruiters. Any excuse for not having a professional email id is not considered because the umpteen number of a free email service provider is available. Apart from this, email id should look professional with a variation of your first and last name.

Using Obsolete Font Types

It is another most common mistakes in a resume. To cite an example, some applicants use a font that is not readable either in PDF file or on paper, thus it makes a bad impression of those candidates on recruiters. In order to ensure excellent readability of the text in a resume, it must be tested in both hard and soft forms before submitting it.

Being too Obscure

 Being unclear or ambiguous is also another error comes in the list of most common mistakes in a resume. Being ambiguous means not providing the exact information about you in a resume or letting the hiring manager in confusion. For example, using the word ”few” or “several”  when you are mentioning the time in which you have completed your project or achieved something. Instead of writing these obscure words, write down the exact time like, “ successfully completed a project on artificial intelligence in 7 months”.

Besides, if you have achieved something such as exceeded the profit margin of the company, then, do not forget to mention how you did this and what time period you took for doing so.

No Relation Between the Job and Social Networking Profiles

This is another most common mistake in a resume, here you need to be careful about the profile that you are going to add in your resume. Make sure that the social media profile must match with the job you are applying for. For instance, Instagram or Pinterest profiles are not sound good if you are applying for the lawyer position, here, Linkedin id or personal website would be great if you have any.

Focus on Content Quality

On average,  an employer spends about 7 seconds to review your resume application, and in such a short period of time, he is able to tell whether your resume has quality or not. More focus on quantity, not quality is coming under the most common mistakes in a resume. In addition to it, being to the point, usage of numbers or percentage where possible adds value to your resume and increases its quality.


There are some common mistakes in a resume that needs to be taken care of in order to get a flawless resume. Now, you got to know, what are those mistakes and how they could be prevented. To make a resume online visit our site.

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