Professional Resume Summary

professional resume summary

Is there any need for a professional resume summary? Yes, there is! It is the brief introduction of a resume that highlights a person’s skills and his/her job-related achievements which are written briefly.

Each point must have:

  • Subheadings: It should indicate your relevant achievements or skills.
  • Numeric Figures: Your work experience must be written with numeric figures such as dates (joining and resigning), and much more.

An efficient professional summary can play an important role to get a new job. Therefore, this blog will provide all the information on how to write a professional resume summary. So, keep reading!

professional resume summary

The main objective of the professional resume summary:

You should include the professional summary on the initial page of your resume so that the recruiter can see it. Therefore, you should include it at the top of your resume that is right under the name and your contact data.

The main objective of the professional summary is to provide a brief overview of your working skills and your achievements. This can highlight the rest of the resume’s details. It can be written in 4-5 bullet points that consist of some of your achievements, skills and your experience as they are necessary to provide a job.

It is the section which is called by many names by different peoples. Commonly peoples called this section a short statement of resume, summary resume, and others call it qualification summary. 

Why does any job seeker require a professional resume summary?

professional resume summary

In simple words, we can say that a professional resume summary is helpful, for you to attract your recruiter. It can also help you get noticed faster. Almost every recruiter receive dozens of resumes daily, and they have to go through all dozens of resume every day. So they have not enough time for reading each resume completely. 

Many hiring managers commonly give every resume about 5 to 6 seconds their time. A well professional resume summary is a thing that will allow catching the recruiter’s attention to completely go through your resume. So now you can understand the importance of resume summary. If you create a resume with an effective resume summary, then it will impel your recruiter to read your resume completely.

Top 7 tips on, how to write a professional resume summary?

professional resume summary

Almost every candidate wants to create a successful resume but like all other parts of your resume, a Professional resume summary also plays a very prominent role in your resume. If you want to create a perfect resume, then you should need to write a very good resume summary on the top. Here are going to discuss the most top tips which are helpful for you in how to write a good professional resume summary-:

Step 1: Analyse your best work skills-:

Analyze the job profile for which you are applying then list out all your relevant work skills and achievements in that particular field so that you can represent your best side for the job. You can also write down your soft skills as well as hard skills in the resume summary.

Step 2: Use your most impressive points in resume-:

when you are writing a resume summary you have to always remember the purpose of any resume summary. That is to attract and compelling hiring managers to get through by reading the complete resume. So You must try to pick the 2 to 3 well impressive parts of a resume and you have to reword that points into bullet points in your resume summary. So that it compels your employer to read further.

Step 3: Support each skill with an example-:

Try to write down the skills with supportive examples that can define the credibility of your work. Write down all the professional experiences and arrange them in the desired manner. Let’s take an example of French abilities, therefore you need to write it as:

  • Translate written documents with an average typing speed of 2,000 words per day.
  • Translated more than 1,000 French documents into English.
  • Supported simultaneous interpreters in more than 100 conferences between Spanish and English.

Step 4: Write resume summary-:

Almost everyone knows that the resume summary must contain the most attractive and effective parts of a resume. So when you are writing a resume it’s better for you, if you write a resume summary at last. Because it becomes easy for you that first of all you write other sections of your resume, and at last, you can easily pick some most effective and impressive points, stats, and facts from your resume.

Step 5: Description of the experienced title at the first point-:

If you want to create a successful resume then you have to remember one thing that always tries to communicate about your professional identity instantly. In your resume summary, you have to describe your professional title at the very first point. It is well if you write it in bullet point or in bold. Here if you cast the years of your experience then it will be very good.

Step 6: Try to describe your achievements into numbering-: 

If you are writing a resume summary then you should try to translate your each and every achievement by giving them numbers. You should try to present your achievement into numbers. It is good if each bullet points comprise at least any piece of one qualified and quantitative data.

If you can use effective sales figures, percentages, or numbers to present your skills in sales it will be very good for your resume.

Step 7: Always remember what the recruiter wants from you-:

If you want to get a job in the first try, then you have to create an effective and attractive resume. For creating an effective resume summary you have to keep one thing in mind when you are writing a resume summary don’t say what you want. In your resume, you have to tell your recruiter what value can you bring to the company? Then try to put in your relevant experience, work history, and skills which is related to your future job.



In this article, we discussed all the important things which are related to the Professional resume summary. We discussed resume summary in very briefly, objectives of any resume summary. Why resume summary required for the job seeker, and top tips and tricks. we hope that these tips become helpful for you if you are going to write a professional resume summary. Sometimes many candidates find it difficult to make a resume summary perfectly by himself. So they try to seek out for best online resume builder who can make a resume online for them. But don’t worry if you are also facing any type of difficulty or complication in writing a resume summary. Then you just read this article and you can easily write a successful resume summary. 

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