Should You Include An Address On Your Resume

Should You Include An Address On Your Resume

Should I put my address on my resume?” This is the question that arises in every job seeker’s mind while composing the resume for a particular job profile. There is no doubt that recruiters stress the location where a job seeker lives. But there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of putting an address on resume as it provides the details about your physical address. This blog has weighed all the points so that you can consider whether you need to mention the address or not. Remember all the points while drafting your resume so that you do not face any issue regarding your address on resume.

Advantages of including address on resume

  • The chances of an interview will be increased by mentioning the address.
  • If you do not hide the information, your interviewer will not be suspicious about the address.
  • The address will show the distance between your home and the company.

Disadvantages of including address on resume

  • There might be a privacy issue with your permanent address.
  • Your resume would be questionable without an address.
  • A recruiter does not have an idea about where do you belong.
put my address on my resume

Determine should I put my address on my resume

There are a number of companies that have the norms to put the address on their resume. The format of the traditional resume is to list out the address under your name; therefore, it might be mandatory for certain companies. If you hide the details of your address, you might be missing from writing the traditional resume. There are chances that your recruiter is seeking you for a particular geographical area.

Additionally, applicants need to concern about their privacy as there are certain issues of scams. Therefore, you need to concern with whom you can share your personal address details while going for an interview. The best method to determine should you put your address on your resume is to decide the requirement of your address. So that you can include the address as per the necessity of the jobs for which you are going to apply.

Privacy concerns

Privacy concerns about should I put my address on my resume

Privacy is the primary concern while submitting your personal details through online means or email to the employer. However, there are various methods by which anyone can steal your identity, and a resume is not an exceptional one. Most of the complaints of identity theft involve credit card frauds, bank frauds, benefits/government frauds, and utility and phone frauds.

Note: If you do not have any issue regarding address on resume, try to avoid including the information such as your driving license number, date of birth, social security number, and other details. None of this information is relevant for your job interview; therefore, do not includes these details in your resume so that you do not get trapped in any unnecessary frauds by including these details.

There might be two exceptions, too: First, you are giving a resume with the details of marital status, date of birth, and much more to several countries in the Middle East or Europe, as this information is required for them. Second, jobs like federal require their social security number’s last four digits on their resume. 

If you want to ensure your privacy, then be diligent with the organization or with the person to whom you are going to submit your resume. It may require a little bit of time and effort to know should you put your address on your resume. Make sure that the company must be legitimate, so that you can share your personal information without any worries. But, take the necessary precautions from identity theft to protect yourself.

Commuting Concerns

Commuting Concerns

Employers might concern about the commute, but it depends on the condition where you live. If you are want to apply for a job in megacities, then the organization may prefer the candidate who can easily and quickly get to work without a long commute.

It is also applicable for the remote location, but if you do not mention the address, then your recruiter does not have the idea from where you along and whether you need to commute or not. If you still confused about should I put my address on my resume, then we have detailed another point in further discussion.

Optional vs. Required Information

Optional vs. Required Information

Your private address is essential if you are applying for a federal government job. There are several other civil services and government jobs that are required your permanent addresses. 

For the local residency jobs where a local person is required, then an address can be expected on their resume. Nowadays, the recruiter specifies where an applicant needs to live when they publish a job.  If a posted job has the address of a particular location, then make sure that you have to mention your address details in your resume.

But there are a number of chances that your employer expects the address of yours, but if you do not include this, then it may lead to a bad impression. So, analyze the location where you are applying your resume for the job and again decide should you put your address on your resume or not.

Options when you do not want to include your address

Options when you do not want to include your address

There are various alternatives for not writing the address on resume that one can utilize in place of your personal address:

  • State/city/zip code (Cleveland, oh 44101).
  • No address that might be acceptable in remote jobs.
  • Relocating to…. (city name).
  • State/City.
  • Regions.

Help Yourself to get Hired

Help Yourself to get Hired

When you are deciding that should you put your address on your resume, then you need to keep in mind that your main motivation for writing a resume is to get employed. You have to make your resume so easy that your recruiter decides to schedule an interview for you and offer you the work. 

Note: Highlight your relevant attributes for the individual job profile, put some efforts to write your qualifications that match with your job profile, and adjust your resume that has your experiences, which can be noticed by the hiring manager.


One might get stuck in the question, “should I put my address on my resume”. But the above-mentioned information might help you out to decide the things about the address. There are privacy issues that can be arises; therefore, you need to be careful with the address on resume. Still, you find any difficulty regarding your resume; then, you can contact us as we are the best online resume builder and get the free samples of resumes without address.

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