Signal vs Telegram: Which platform is best and secure?

Signal vs Telegram

You must have heard about both Signal and Telegram. As you all know, both are chatting apps. In this modern time, people do not like talking on phone with each other rather they love chatting with each other. Both assure more privacy than Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and SMS, but the question is which is better in privacy and other features. Which you should use. Let’s discuss Signal vs Telegram in detail. So, keep scrolling!

What is Signal?

Signal is nothing but another application or platform for the people like facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. where people can chat and send messages which contain images, videos, voice messages, contacts. you can make groups as well on this platform and can have a chat with your friends and relatives.This messaging service application was launched in 2014 and with the time it is becoming very popular. It is a free messaging service platform. It has acquired more than 20 million monthly active users till now. This is available on google playstore application.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is also another freeware application or platform for the nation like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger on which people can have a chat and they can send voice notes, images, videos, songs, contacts to their friends, family members and relatives. It is a free messaging service application. This app was launched in 2013 and it is becoming wide-spread with the period of time. It is an instant messaging(IM) service application. Telegram has passed 500 million monthly active users till now. It is also available on google playstore application.

Common features of both Signal and Telegram-

1. Very Simple and easy to use.

2. Talk through messages.

3. Sending Images, Videos, and voice notes.

4. Using emoji while chatting.

5. You can make Groups for chatting.

6. Easy facility of both voice and video calls.

Signal vs Telegram: Which one is secure and has better privacy policy?

Both are communication channels but there are some differences between both. Here we mentioned some points related to Signal vs Telegram-


If we talk about security, then both provide end to end encryption policy which is simply amazing but there is a small difference between both policies. In Telegram this feature is not enabled by default. The single way to use its end to end encryption policy is to know and use its secret chat feature. If you are not using this secret chat feature and you are chatting with someone then you can’t be certain that your data is safe because then telegram can easily access your chats and normal data.

But it is not in the case of Signal. Signal also provides end to end encryption policy but this policy is much better than telegram’s E2E policy.. How…?   Let’s See…

Signal is the best whenever it comes to security or privacy. In order to protect the privacy of users from every side and corner, Signal created a new feature in which the communication between sender and recipient will automatically be safe forever. The special thing about this feature is that even the signal will not be able to see the chats and any content. That’s why the user is tension free while using signal because of its end to end encryption policy which is simply fantastic.

Signal vs Telegram: Features


 Groups can be made on both platforms

2. Group add Members

 On Telegram, We can add 200000 Members in a group but in case of Signal the limit is 1000 only.

3. Pinned Chats

 On Telegram, Chats can be pinned and unpinned but, On  Signal, this feature is not available.

4. Last Seen Time.

 On Telegram, We can easily get to know when the another person was online but Signal does not provide this kind of feature.

5. Channel.

 On Telegram, We can make channels and have subscribers where big Files, Images, Videos, Voice Notes and other content can be uploaded. But, On Signal, it is not possible.

6.Edit Message after it’s sent.

 On Telegram, We can edit a message after it’s sent but, no such feature exists in signal

7. Movies and Web Series.

 On Telegram, We can watch Movies and Web Series but, On Signal, it isn’t possible.

8. High Quality Stickers.

 Telegram provides you high quality stickers to make your chat more interesting and unique but Signal does not have good quality stickers.


If you want to keep your privacy your first priority, then you should go with Signal, or else you should go ahead with Telegram.

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