The top 3 most popular flowers used in perfumes!

Perfumes are the most gifted products to and by both men and women. It makes for the perfect gifting option because of the versatile nature it has. And where do you think those scents are derived from?

Well, the most popular source of deriving scents for the production of perfume is through flowers! Each perfume has a lot of notes like the base, top and 

middle notes. And most of these are derived from flowers.

Apart from the scent, there is the inclusion of alcohol, spices and a lot of other things that help the perfume gain somebody and feel lush and unique from the others.

Read further to find out about some of the most popular flowers that are received through online flower delivery in noida and used in the production of scents used in perfumes. 

You will be surprised to find out that most of your collection has a part of two of the flowers mentioned below!


Jasmine is one of the most popular flowers that is used to make perfume. It is widely known as ‘La Fleur’ which stands for ‘the flower’ in French. It is named so because it is so versatile and can be mixed with any other fragrance.

Since the fragrance of jasmine is quite delicate with a sweet yet pleasant smell, it makes for great base notes onto which other floral or spiced scents can be added.

Jasmines are natives of most of the tropical and subtropical regions and are found in about 200 varieties! But the Jasminum Grandiflorum and the sambac jasmine are the ones used by the perfume industry. 

Apart from perfumes, these flowers are also used in the production of cosmetic products and aromatherapy sessions.


A native of the West Mediterranean countries, lavender is widely known for its clean scents. The aroma of lavender is so good on its own but even better when mixed with others. This makes it a flower that is in demand by a lot of perfume makers.

The most interesting part about lavender is that its smell is different on different occasions. The scent of this flower depends entirely on the soil in which it is grown.

The one grown in France has the natural, floral, sweet scent whereas the variety grown in the Netherlands is so sharp that it can be smelt distinctly from anywhere.

Moreover, the lavender oil extracted from the flower also smells way too different from the original flower because of the difference in altitude where it is extracted and also the method through which the scent is extracted.

The clean floral scent of the lavender with a slight smell of liquorice makes it a pretty useful floral scent in aromatherapy because of the calming effect it has on the body.


Rose is the queen of all the flowers! This title stands correct for this flower because of how versatile it is and how easily it can be used as gifts and also incorporated in food!

This flower also has a high demand in the cosmetic and the perfume industry. The scent of rose has been in use since the olden days and used to be pretty popular among the people of Greece and Rome long back.

These flowers can be found on most continents barring Australia. The vibrant scent of this flower has the power to refresh the person smelling it and also awaken their senses.

The rosa centifolia of France and the rosa damascene of the Middle East are the most sought-after breeds of roses used in the manufacturing of scent. Even between the two, the Middle Eastern variety is more used than the French.

Another fact about roses is that they are harvested at night to get the most fragrance out of the entire lot. This technique helps to extract the maximum amount of perfume from these gorgeous flowers.

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