Why Do You Need A Resume

Why do you need a resume

Nowadays, the resume is considered to be one of the essential parts of the job market. This is used to find out the most potential employers to perform a specific task. Before a hiring manager gives his/her precious time to take your face to face interview, they want to check you and your expertise on paper. Now you might be thinking about how one can impress them with a resume, how to compose it, why do you need a resume, and much more.

Without an effective resume, one can not begin to reach to an interview. An inferior CV can be the reason for your elimination before facing your dream job interview. Therefore, it is necessary to draft a superior CV. So, you can impress your hiring manager with your qualification and job experiences (if you have). This post will suggest important points about resume writing and provide the reasons why do you need a resume.  First, check what the important areas of a resume are, and that is:

  • Personal data and contact information.
  • The aim/objective of the resume.
  • Job experience in the specialized field (along with your achievements).
  • Educational qualification.
  • Skills (soft abilities and hard abilities).
  • Additional information, such as hobbies, languages that you know well, and much more.

What are the three resume writing formats?

Chronological logical format:

Commonly the experts call it reverse resume format. Chronological is one of the most suitable formats for a CV. These resumes are considered to be the best to display the history of your education and work experience.

Functional resume format:

This is another resume format that can contradict with chronological CV format. These kinds of format resumes are more suitable for achievements and specific capabilities. This format can be the best option for the projects which are related to freelancers workers who are returning after a long gap work.

Combination resume layout:

The name implies itself that it is a combination resume layout, which is the combo of chronological formats as well as functional format. When one wants to represent their multiple capabilities, and the work experience in various areas. One needs to show it in one of their resumes; therefore, here combination format can be the best one for such aspirants. A combination layout is useful when one appears for a particular post that might require relevant experience in 3-4 fields.

The key points to write a resume

  • Choose the relevant layout and structure for a CV.
  • Define the necessary details and contact information.
  • Edit an effective aim or summary for a specific CV.
  • Declare accomplishments and work experience in the desired fields.
  • Figure out the hard Skills (such as programming, accountancy, and much more.) and soft skills (such as teamwork, leadership quality, and much more.)
  • Mention the additional details, like Hobbies, Languages, and much more.
  • For a job, change the relevant information as per the necessity.
  • Compose an effective cover letter.
  • Check the finalized resume and cover letter.

Here are some additional things for a resume:

  • It is quite better if one makes a two-page CV as the hiring manager of the organization gets more than 1000+ resumes in a single month. Therefore, they do not waste their useful time to go through the whole resume. 
  • Choose a clear section heading and modify it for all section headers.
  • Leave enough white-space in all the sections.
  • Use different fonts that can be read easily. Use Overpass, Ubuntu, Roboto, and much more. Do not use Comic Sans.
  • Margins of the text must be at least 7 inches.
  • The paper which one is going to use for their CV must be of excellent quality.
  • Select the relevant font size of the resume. For normal texts, use 11-12 pt, and for your section title, use 14-16 pt.

Why do you need a resume?

Nowadays, because of the competition of various jobs, a CV becomes a fundamental unit to filter out the students for the process of the interview. A good CV is taken as a good fit for the profile of a job by showing one’s skills and education. We have listed the few reasons why do you need a resume to get a job:

  • A resume structure out the suitable experience and skills.
  • Highlights why one is beneficial to them over other aspirants.
  • One can move forward to an interview.

A resume structure out the suitable experience and skills

An excellent structure CV can easily represent the most suitable experience and capabilities to the potential HR manager. It grants them to move forward with one of the best candidates for a job profile.

It is necessary to check whether you have mentioned the recent experiences and capabilities for a specific reason in the resume or not. Therefore, an effective CV specifies various formatting parameters such as appropriate layout and margins, color, make sure that suitable experience must be written in a particular method that can show your accomplishments.

Highlights why one is beneficial to them over other aspirants

A resume is used to support not only the details about experience and skills but also the HR manager what can an aspirate brings to their organization. For instance, suppose one is leaving the sale’s position, rather of specifying that one is an “excellent performer,” state one “gained $100,000 of new sales within a year”. This helps the HR manager to understand the exact value that one brings to an organization in a quantifiable manner.

If one can easily use 4 or 5 achievements under the suitable work experience, it will highlight your skills. Showcase boosting profit or decreasing the losses up to 3%, increasing followers on social media by 2,000 users, or boosting sales up to 10%.

One can move forward to an interview

Finally, an excellent resume is beneficial for you to go ahead to the further level in the process of interviewing, that might be the face to face interview. One must have at least a meeting that helps you to define for a suitable job position; therefore, drafting a great CV is mandatory.

These are the basic reason why do you need a resume. Now, you can easily understand the reason to draft an effective and efficient CV for a job position. 

Some additional reasons for why do you need a resume

Prepare one for a job interview

Several companies’ HR managers will use a CV as the guidelines while they examine you. They can ask the candidate to describe various statements that one has made in their resume.

Organize the candidates

Develop resume forces that can be utilized to evaluate one’s skills. This will aid the candidate to assess the various hiring opportunities open to them. It can also encourage them to search for a useful job campaign.

Offers a sense of security to you

It can be a great idea to update your resume on hand and time to time. One never knows when they get a better job option or just a variety. If one loses their job unexpectedly, it is smart to have an updated CV and be ready to use it.


This post has described all the necessary information about why do you need a resume. Besides this, this post has detailed what the different kinds of resume formats are and what are the key points to write an effective CV. This will help you to step forward in your dream job interviewing process. A resume can be a description of your education, work experience, skills, and much more.

Therefore, it is necessary to create an effective resume for your dream job. You can take the required time to draft it but pay attention to the reasons why do you need a resume so that you can write a CV excellently. If you are facing any difficulty in writing a resume, then take our experts’ help as we are the best one who can make a resume online. This service is available at a minimal price with 24*7 accessibility.

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