Why Is A Resume Important

Why is a Resume Important

A resume can be considered as an essential tool for your job interview. The resume consists of one or two pages, where one can display their qualities and skills. Even we can say that it is much more than this. Resume helps managers to make hiring decisions and to get the first interview. Therefore, it becomes necessary to structure out it carefully by remembering the reason why is a resume important. Before proceeding to the details, let’s get data about types of resumes.

Types of Resume

Aspirants who wish to go ahead in their interview process require to draft a strong resume. There are basically two different kinds of resumes which can help you to impress your potential hiring manager. The two types of resumes are:

  • Chronological order resume. 
  • Custom resumes.

Chronological Order Resumes

It is considered to be the traditional format that reflects your recent job at the upper position in the experience area. Then it will go in the descending order. Ideally, one can easily show their working experience work in the relevant field. This type of resume involves both education and work experience mentioned in proper order. 

Custom Resumes

It prioritizes suitable experience and education. This type of resume can be used by a person who has altered careers or new to the work area. Besides this, it is for the person who has a gap in their work. It is mostly suitable for an individual who has several exceptional experiences in a particular organization. Reflect the most relevant and essential career choice ny selecting the format by which you can easily stand out.

This kind of CV is excellent for the individual in organizations that need particular education for a job. For instance, a salesman who has a structured career in the facilities maintenance can be useful to reflect sales experiences in the field of maintenance. 

Now, check the ways to write a CV and then move ahead to the reasons why is a resume important.

How to Write a Resume?

  • Choose the effective format and outline for a CV.
  • Mention the required details and contact information.
  • Add a professional aim or summary for a CV.
  • Mention achievements and work experience in your respective fields.
  • List out your hard Skills (such as programming, accountancy, and much more.) and soft skills (such as teamwork, leadership quality, and much more.)
  • Include the additional details, like Hobbies, Languages, and much more.
  • For job, tailors your information as per the need.
  • Draft an impressive cover letter.
  • Recheck the crafted CV and cover letter.

Why is a Resume Important?

Nowadays, because of the competition of technical jobs, a CV becomes a fundamental unit to go forward in the process of the interview. A good resume is considering as a good fit for a job by reflecting your skills and education. We have listed the few reasons why is a resume important to get a job:

  • A CV layout the appropriate experience and skills.
  • Displays why you are beneficial to them over other candidates.
  • Grabs the hiring manger’s attention.
  • Matches the candidates with the job position.
  • One can move forward to an interview.

A Resume Layout the Appropriate Experience and Skills

A well-formulated resume can easily reflect the most impressive experience and skills to the potential hiring manager. It grants them to go ahead with one of the best applicants. It is essential to ensure that recent experiences and skills should be mentioned in the CV for a specific reason. Therefore, a great CV utilizes various formatting factors such as appropriate design and margins, color, to make sure that relevant experience must be mentioned in a particular method that can reflect your achievements.

Displays Why you are Beneficial to them over other Candidates

A resume provides not only the information about your experience and skills but also the hiring manager what one brings to the organization. For instance, if one is leaving the position of sales, rather of mentioning that one is a “great performer,” state one “gained $250,000 of new sales with a single year”. This grants the hiring manager to know the exact value that one has brought to the organization in quantifiable terms.

If one uses up to 4 or 5 accomplishments under the relevant work experience, it will provide verifiable metrics. Reflect boosting profit or decreasing the losses up to 5%, increasing social media followers by 2,000 users, or boosting sales near 10%.

Grabs the Hiring Manger’s Attention

The part of a resume called “above the fold,” as it is usually the higher quarter of a CV, and it is considered to be most attention-grabbing. Ensure that you must include relevant summarized data above the fold with the candidate’s name and contact information. A different method for it, one can gain the hiring manager’s attention, is to utilize the outline, which grants a suitable image or color.

There are various individuals who can use a personal logo or headshot portrait to brand them to the hiring manager. If one has to print a resume, always ensure to utilize paper stock of the CV that can stick out. Various options are available to you to select from, so give attention to organization standards while deciding the paper of a resume.

Matches the Candidates with the Job Position

An excellent resume can resemble your capabilities as per the requirement of the position. To do this effectively, make sure that the resume includes similar keywords that are found in the description of the job.

For instance, if the description of job needs for “knowledge of C++” remember to mention “C++” on your resume. By which, the hiring manager can filter the unique abilities of you and know what makes you suitable for a job’s position. If you are the one who is submitting their resume electronically, then some organizations can auto-sort the resume using the keywords. To make sure that your CV must be selected, one needs to pay attention to the resume.

One can Move Forward to an Interview

Finally, a good CV is beneficial for you to go ahead to the next level in the interview process, that is the face to face interview. One must conduct at least a meeting that is providing a suitable job position; therefore, drafting a CV is important.

These are the basic reason why is a resume important. Now, you can easily understand the reason to draft an effective and efficient resume for a job position.


Being the best online resume builder, we have mentioned the reasons why is a resume important. By remembering all the points mentioned above, one can effectively draft a resume. This will help you to move forward for the job interviewing process. A CV is used to check your education, work experience, skills, and much more. Therefore, it is necessary to craft a great CV for your dream job. You can take your time to draft it but pay attention to the reasons why is a resume important so that you can write a resume excellently.

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