Best Font for Resume

best font for resume

What should be the best font for a resume? What size would be best? Which font to be used for heading sections? What about bolding, italicizing and underlining?

Do the same questions resonate in your mind before starting writing the resume for a job?

Just stop thinking a lot about it. You’ll get answers to all your questions with this following quick read.

This  article will guide you:

  • Best Resume Fonts and Sizes.
  • Which Font you Need to Avoid.
  • Key Guidelines for the Best Font for a Resume
  • Objective of a Resume

Best Resume Fonts and Sizes

Do you have any idea how much time does hiring managers and recruiters take to scrutinize your resume? Well, the answer is only 6-7 minutes according to some companies’ HR statistics report.

 Some Common Resume Fonts and Sizes:

Times new roman

12 point size.

Some readable serif fonts with tails-Garamond, bell MT, Georgie.

Easy to read serif fonts with no tails-Arial, Tahoma, century gothic and Lucina sans.

Now, what is the Best Font for the Professional Resumes?

Top 8 Best Fonts for the Resumes:


It designed by Luc De Groot, the typographer, commissioned by Microsoft. He created Calibri as a default font for office by replacing old Times new roman font.

An alternate, Carlito font is created by google, metrically compatible and intended as an open-source substitute.


It was created in 2004 and also commissioned by Microsoft by a Dutchman. Microsoft manifested that “this font was designed for on-screen reading and to look good when printed at small sizes” along with its serifs. This is how this font gained paramount importance for the content of the resume and cover letter.

As an alternative, caladea is another font created by  Google, and it possesses all qualities that were in the Calibri font.


It is another clean, modern and sans-serif font. Many brands use it in their logos due to their professional touch. you need to have a very close inspection to see the difference between Arial and Helvetica font.


Arial is the part of the famous sans-serif family and gives your resume modern look. Its clarity and easy to read functionality makes it the best choice for many applicants who need to write a resume.


It also belongs to the sans-serif font family and its modern look stands it out from the other fonts listed. To add variety in their programs, Microsoft has used this font for several times.

Times New Roman:

It is acceptable font when it comes to the writing of a resume, but, its too “classic” touch will not stand out your resume from the others.


It was created by French engravers in the 16th century, an obsolete and outdated style serif fonts. however, many see it as a good choice to write their resume who have umpteen experience.


It was created by Mathew carter in 1996, a sans-serif font good for all kind resumes. It was initially designed to fit on low-resolution screens or small screens.

Which Font you Need to Avoid

If you do not want to let your recruiter know that you are immature and not aware of the professional world, you must have to avoid some fun fonts. Yes, we are talking about comic sans, impact and few others.

Key Guidelines for the Best Font for a Resume:


Readability should be the first factor that every job seeker must consider when it comes to choosing a font for their resume.

Some fonts are specially designed to look better on the screen, while others have a good appearance on pages after printing out. So, it’s your responsibility to see how your resume is likely to be viewed and choose your font accordingly to ensure great readability.

Font Size

Font sizes are generally between size 10 to size 14. Here, you need to choose the font size according to font style as some font styles look bigger and some small. you have to keep the ease of reading without making the text look bloated.

Also, consider the fact that resume length is always affected by its font size.

Objective of a Resume

You know, the font has some message to convey with its reader just like a piece of art.

The font you selected tells your hiring manager who you are and whats your purpose for writing that resume.


The font is as much important as writing a resume, so keep the aspect of uniqueness, professionalism, and standard to make your resume convey the desired message.

Having all these factors into mind ensures you to be ready for the interview.

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