How to List Certifications on Resume

A resume is the first impression when going for an interview. Listing certifications on a resume is a good technique to catch the attention of the interviewer. It is also essential for specific industries and positions. Your resume essentials to express the interviewer that you’re both a perfect fit for the position and qualified for the position. We will also display you how to list certification on resume to guarantee you stand out from others.

Most of the interviewer also use a system called ATS, i.e., the Applicant Tracking System. It is used to monitor/screen all the resumes to check if you’re fit for the position. One of the key things that they will be observing for is the necessary certification.

How to list Certifications and Licenses on a Resume

If anyone has one license or certification which is relevant or required to the position, you can list it next in the title or next to your name. If you have several certifications that you want to list and that certification could be listed at the bottom of the resume.

Below are some possible headings that you could use for the section of certifications if you have other “professional growth” to list:

  • Education and Certifications
  • Professional Development and Certifications
  • Certifications and Affiliations
  • Certifications (Better to list single if you have more than two certifications)

Where to Include Certifications on a Resume

If the Company is asking for some specific type of certification for the position, it is a better choice to either list your certification next to your name in the header or the title of the resume. A hiring supervisor looks only at the resume for some seconds, so you want to show that you’re well qualified for the position quickly.

Which Certifications Should You Include on a Resume?

You should include some relevant or required certifications on your resume. Some may have additional secondary certifications, which are not necessary for the position. Example, if you have certification of CPR and you are going to apply for the job of accounting. Thus, it is not applicable and would possibly be better left off your resume.


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Including Certifications in Progress

You can also, obviously, include any certification in development along with the projected close date. You can list the certification in development with approximately along the lines of:

  • In Progress
  • To be Completed
  • Expected May 2018
  • Anticipated Completion May 2018

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Certifications and an ATS

The last and essential thing that we’re working on touching on is confirming ATS’s choices upon your certifications. An ATS is a software used by maximum companies to review the resumes automatically. The ATS software is used to analyze information like education, certifications, work experience, and many more.

How to Use ATS

If anyone feels you’re qualified for the position, it sends the resume to forward to the hiring supervisor for analysis. Almost 76% of the resumes are excluded by ATS software, and most of the time, it happens due to the resume is not correctly improved. To guarantee the ATS picks up on your certifications, you should keep these tips always in mind:

  • You should not require to spell the abbreviation everywhere in the resume, but you must do it at least once in a resume. For example, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • You must write out an abbreviation as an ATS, which might not know them all. The ATS is plans to search for the first and last name of the certification and not the abbreviation.
  • If the certification is needed for the position, always list it to the header with your resume title or your name.

Listing Certifications

The listing certifications on resume the correct way is also essential, mainly if they’re needed. If they are relevant or required, you must add them with either title or name. Don’t include any certifications or licenses which are suspended or expired. Don’t use unnecessary certification when you’re targeting a specific position.


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The certifications are the signs that you have some specific skills and knowledge that are verified by an area of expertise or an authority on the subject. Most of the certifications are direct by the organization of third-party like colleges and universities, testing companies, professional organizations, and others.

Several Certifications

Several certifications need courses, training and tests, and exam, but not all these types of vehicles result in or are identical with a certification. You must comprise the following different types of specialized certifications on resume, supposing they are suitable for the job to which an individual is applying.


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