How to List Skills on a Resume

How to list skills on a resume

A solid resume is a must to be employed in any industry, but how their resume looks like leaves, confused and frustrated by many job seekers. For example, what information should they contain? How many details is necessary? Where should I put my experience at work?

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Skill Section in a Resume

Regardless of experience and qualifications, a skill section is a must. A resume equipped with some specific skills is prominent to stand out for any job application. Now, the concern is how your resume will look like means what skills to list and where to put them all.

Type of Skills

Generally, we consider two types of skills, which are hard or technical and soft skills.

Hard skills are those skills that are taught in the academic period of a candidate. These skills are very specific to their concerned fields. Soft skills, however, are very common which may be imbibed by people from their living environment or by learning.

Some examples are there for hard and soft skills which make things more clear to you.

Hard Skills-

  • Computer Technology
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business and marketing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Data interpretation
  • Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Database management system

Soft Skills-

  • Attentive behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • Flexibility

After understanding some of the hard and soft skills we need to mind some strategies for how to list out those skills, format for these skills and what to put in this skill section. It is possible to include both types of skills in a resume and covers letters. Further detail on the difference between hard vs soft skills and a list of soft skills can be found here.

So, next, we learn approach for –

Resume Skills Section Example

How to List Out Some Specific Skills

Format and range of these skills

What to cover in the skill section

How To List Our Skills –

Although this seems the hardest part for listing the skills, yet, it is very much indispensable. Consideration of 4- steps might take you in a positive direction which can help to shape up your resume quickly

A Listing Place For Skills-

Some job seekers may not take into account a suitable place for skills but, it is as much important as other sections of this topic. For instance, a resume having additional skills(which I discuss later )

May not going to be fruitful for you if you place these skills on top or at the center. Similarly, an IT-related candidate should begin his resume by listing technical skills at the top.

Job-specific abilities-

Each applicant is equipped with some distinct marketable or job-specific abilities. At this stage what he needs to do is to make the list of these special skills and then choose which one is best related to the job description.

These work-related abilities are learned in a school, improved during the job period, or with participation in extracurricular activities.

You just need to organize these skills as hard or soft skills and then place the combination of both on a resume.

Non-relevant skills-

Before placing the skills on your resume, it is important to mind the job which you are applying for. To exemplify, a person who is applying for yoga instructor need not specify

His mathematical skills there instead of this he could put his teaching related soft skills but if he is applying for a job in a bank then mentioning of time management and ability to handle numbers is become mandatory.      

Once you narrow down your skills to only skills that match with the description of the job, you can assure yourself for having the best skill section.

Relation with the Job Description-

You must relate your skills with the description.  Sometimes job description mentions which skills are required or preferred for them.

Format and Range of Skills-

Format decides where to put these skills on a resume, range, however, manifests that how many types of skills you should put? The answer is range entirely depends on you. If you have a number of work-related  skills throughout your career, you could put them across your resume in places like introduction and work experience

Two Primary Types of Resume Skills-

  1. Technical skills

Technical skills are the requisite skills and awareness to carry out specific tasks. These are practical and often apply to technological, mathematical, or scientific activities in information technology. Many examples include programming language knowledge, mechanical equipment, or devices.

2. Additional or relevant  skills

 If a candidate possesses technical related skills he should place these skills on the top for the positive impact on the hiring manager.

Additional skills, however, should never be placed at the front or center position plus try to add three to eight additional skills on your resume.

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What to Cover in the Skill Section

Omnipresent Mandatory skills-

We can categorize these skills as hard or soft useful skills.

Hard useful skills are-

  • Computer skills
  • Marketing
  • Database analysis
  • Language proficiency

  Soft useful skills are-

  • Management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communicational skills
  • Leadership skills

Particular organizational skills-

Job descriptions sometimes not fulfill the need for preferred skills for the company. In this case, you need to check out the company’s mission statement with the help of its website or its “about us page”.

Most Companies have their career page and they describe the position they want to fill in that page with the qualities they require in an employee for the fulfillment of that position.

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