How to Make a Resume for a Job

How to make a resume for a job

A resume is the first contact between the interviewer and applicant, plus it portraits your abilities in terms of experience, professional achievements, and skills. If you don’t know how to make a resume for a job. We are here to help you with our best online resume builder.

An effective resume for Landing an interview is quite obvious. Now the concern is how to make a resume that comes into the approaching area of an interviewer. So,  following there is a list of terms that need to concern while writing a resume.

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Format of a resume

First thing before writing a resume is to mind the format of a resume. Some formats do a great job of landing the interview. Here are some main formats.

Chronological Format-

It is a traditional type of format and used commonly. It manifests the easiest way of reading and scanning the data along with a focus on responsibilities, experience, and history of work. In this type of format, the most recent position is listed out first and then previous regards are considered.

Skill-based Format-

In this type of format, more focus is given on skills and achievements and these skills are placed on the top side of the resume while the work history on the bottom side. In this way, we can say that this format is opposite to the chronological one.

 Combination Format-

This is according to its name is a combination of the above two formats( Chronological and Functional). This is the best way if you want to show both skills and experience. This format facilitates experienced professionals and those who change their carrier or industries.

How to draft and organize a resume

Now, this is a time to make a structure for the information that you need to put into your resume in fine order. Surely, this section will compose each section and what to add in it is totally depends on the applicant.


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 Personal information and contact details-

Name, phone no and email address is mandatory to add into your personal information while LinkedIn URL is recommended to every candidate because this URL  shows a better idea of what you are going to offer professionally.

Optional contact information such as mailing address, social media, mentioning of blog or website is not that necessary.

 DOB and second email or phone no. is also not necessary to add. Additionally, headshots are also not required for all the jobs.

Introduction statement(Summary or purpose of a resume)-

This section is quite indispensable for writing a resume as it is placed on the top of the resume. It portraits the prominent image of your candidature. It summarizes job description related skills and qualifications.

The resume summary depicts evidence of your accomplishments. Duties or responsibilities are not a matter of concern here plus mentioning your position along with the company name makes you more personalized.

Resume purpose, on the other hand, highlight your transferable skills in case if you don’t have any relevant work experience to summarize at all.

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Achievements and related work experience-

In this section, you need to list out job title, company, city, and state. The timeframe of your job employed also needs to add in this section but no need to mention exact days.

Key responsibilities and achievements are added in this section. If you are done with two jobs in the past then the most recent job is to require to place first and then rest accomplishments with the bullet points. However, if you do not have any past work experience you should put the education section before your work history.

ATS(Application tracking system) is a term used here which looks for keywords and assign a score per candidate. The job description has some resume keyword which is related to responsibilities. ATS looks for those keywords and sort out the list of related job seekers.

Length and Language of Resume information-

Length, generally have one or two pages according to the requirement.  Instead of using tired words, strong words are recommended to use for resume writing. Other than these, active voice is also preferred for resume writing because it depicts to the point information.

Length of Work Experience

  • Managerial level applicants are required to add experience up to 15 years with powerful keywords.
  • Mid-level applicants include a detailed job descriptions of relevant positions.
  • Initial-level candidates need to add those responsibilities and achievements which are more relevant to the job description.
  • First-time job seekers are those who don’t have any work experience with them. So, they can include other related roles, internship or other volunteer experiences.


You need to add the highest degree first. There is no need to add school information if you are done with your university degree.  At last list out relevant awards, coursework, and honors.


Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Hard skills are those which are technical and taught during academic or working hours whether soft skills are interpersonal skills which are kind of add ons to take one step ahead of those who are just having hard skills.

Mind what skills and how  to list out these skills onto your resume


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Additional section –

There are some other things which can be added as an extra or additional part.

  • Hobbies/interests
  • Certification and awards
  • Languages
  • Volunteer work
  •  Cover letter

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Online Presence and Double-Check-

Checking of Presence of your resume online is needed to keep your resume up to date for the easy recognition of it by the hiring manager.

Readability and consistency-

To make your resume readable you need to check out its font, margin, and size.

Consistency will make you assure that your resume is in powerful recognition over the internet.


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