How to Put Education on Resume

how to put education on resume

The education section is where you place the school you attended, the degrees you earned and certification if you got any. What to put in an education section is so simple for most of the people but, for some, it is a difficult task. Generally, a candidate remains in confusion about what to list first education or experience and how to list completed incompleted or current education. Along with this where to place the education section in a resume is also a matter of concern. So, this topic will cover the answers to all these questions. If you don’t know how to put education on resume. we are here to help you with our best online resume builder.

Education Section-

Each employer looks for this education section to make the best match for the job. If your education mentioned in the education section of your resume is relevant to the position declared in the job description, this will set you apart from other applicants in a queue.

What to Cover in an Education Section

The education section is looked for some specific information  such as :

Name of the education center

Passing year

Location of school/ college

Degree earned

Field of study

Relevant honor/achievement


Demand of Employers

The demand for employers depends on the requirements for the job. For example, if you are applying for a director post in any field then a post-graduate degree or MBA is a must, but if you are applying for any data entry or clerk type post, a high school diploma or college degree is sufficient for these posts.

 What is required by the potential employers is listed on the requirement or education section of the job description? It is recommended that you should be honest with whatever you have done because some employer does background checks of your given information in a resume. Any wrong suspect may lead to a worse situation for you. Other than this, some profession requires specific degrees or certifications such as finance and doctor.

Order of Listing your Education and Experience-

Have you ever wonder what you should put first in your resume. Should I place my work experience before my education or vice versa? The following point will cover the concept of where you should place your education section in a resume.

Where to Place Completed Education

If you are done with your education recently, you should place it before your work experience. In this, you can also include your attendance dates any honor or achievement if you have.

If you are in a category of experienced professionals,  you must put your professional experience above your education section. For professionals, the interviewer will be more interested in your recent achievement rather than your academic background. Also, you can skip some details here like attendance dates, GPAs, etc. Another thing of consideration is that if you have two degrees you should include them ( for example masters or Ph.D.) in order of rank.

Place for Incomplete or in-progress Education-

In this, you can include work that you have done in the past and when you planned to take part in any study. Not only this but the interviewer is also more interested in what you are studying currently. You can add any specific coursework you are interested in to boost up your education section. If currently, you are earning education from any school then you need to place your contact information and other summary statements above the education section. There are certain things here which you must place in your education section. For instance the name of institution, type of study, completion year of graduation.

If you are leading with an incomplete education,  you can list out any complete coursework to power your education section. Along with this, you can add any honor, certification or any other achievement.

 Hope you get the answer to the question of “How to Put Education on a Resume”.


In the end, you should think of your education part as a chance to place yourself just ahead of the rest. Everything you contain in your resume must connect back to the job you are applying for. It is good to list coursework and different activities that apply to that job when containing your study abroad experience. If you have any questions, feel free to take the help of our company. Our experts will help you with how to make a good resume as soon as possible. 

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