IT Support Resume Samples – A Step By Step Guide For 2020

IT Support Resume

An information technology technical resume samples are available all around the corner. But there is a necessity to think first about diagnosing the system. Before deployment, it is also necessary to alter the quality-testing within the sandbox. This job might be looked specifically for the people who are interesting in IT support jobs. 

Do not take stress; this blog will help you to compose an effective IT support resume to clear your interview. This blog will include information about:

  • What could be the best format for an IT support resume?
  • Resume objective or IT resume summary.
  • Methods to describe IT experiences.
  • Whether your education underperformance your skills or not, and much more.

Let’s first proceed to the format data for the IT resume; further, we will supply all relevant information related to the IT support resume.

What Could be the Best Format for an IT Support Resume?

There are several factors that you need to put in your resume so that it can impress your IT hiring manager and successful in getting the attention of him/her quickly. This can be done in the following ways:

Methods to Format an IT resume without Experience:

This method is used for entry-level interviews. In this, you can not fill information about your past IT duties or job responsibilities. Instead of this, you have to use bullet-point entry techniques to give an overview of your skills and capability, which must be related to the IT department. As you do not any experience that you can describe in your resume, you can represent your education in the topmost area, which is after heading statements. Try to show all the information about your education, so that the hiring manager does not have any reason to reject you for being a fresher.

Method to Format an IT resume with some Experiences:

Has any kind of experience related to IT worked? This time, you need to use a reverse-chronological format so that you can specify each and everything related to your IT work experiences. This format can include mentioning recent work experience or current job in the first position, then go with mentioning of previous work experience below it, and so on.

NOTE: Always save your IT support resume in PDF form, but first, you have to check the job ads whether PDF is OK for it or not. There are few of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that do not except resume in PDF format. An ATS also functions on specific resume keywords by scanning the job application, and if it can not read your resume, then it will move further by skipping your resume. 

IT resume Objective Statement and Resume Summary

Objective Statement:

The main motive of the objective statement is to give information about your career objectives instead of describing your IT achievements until now. Therefore, it becomes necessary to write your objective statement wisely. Here is an example for an IT technician resumes who has some experience:

Right format:

Constant support technician with 3+ years of expertise with a great cloud assistance company. Achieved the highest ranks in build quality (96.3%) and spec (99.7%). Seeking to advance an IT career by beginning with the Lansing organization as an IT technician.

Wrong format:

I am a technician enthusiastic about becoming a field specialist. I don’t have expertise in fieldwork, but I have a quality of keen learning. Being motivated because I appreciate being furthest for work instead of behind a table in a dull, gray box.

Have you noticed the difference between both? You will use a few transferable techniques to show skills with a cloud assistance company in the right statement. Besides this, you will show your achievements that can be quantitatively a winning point for you. Whereas in the wrong statement, you do not have mentioned something impressive that can hold your hiring manager’s attention.

Summary Statement:

If you want to mention your IT experiences, then you can select the resume summary. A summary statement is a short introduction of you that helps to specify your tech achievements in past, professional background, and computer skills. Here is an example of a resume summary of an IT specialist:

Right Summary:

Agreeable IT specialist with 3+ years of experience within a global technology firm. Achieved region-leading QST grade depends on an internal review (97.66%). CompTIA A+ Certification. Looking to leverage substantial professional skills and expertise to improve my career as the succeeding IT specialist for Linsang Group.

Wrong Summary:

I have been an IT specialist for 3+ years. In addition to my education on several back-end and front-end responsibilities, I supervise server support, software, hardware, and critical administration and maintenance procedures.

Have you noticed the difference between both? The wrong summary’s example looks decent at first. Besides this, it cannot impact the right summary example without the numbered accomplishments and the personalization.

NOTE: Personalize the example of an IT support resume by defining the organization’s name into your objective and summary statements.

Methods to Describe your IT Experiences

“Wow. this is pretty awesome!” – this can be the reaction that you want from an IT hiring manager while they see your technical IT specialist resume or the first time. To get this kind of reaction, you need to specify your experience wisely to stimulate the senses. 

IT resume for Fresher:

If you do not have any It experience before, then there is no problem. Here, you need to show your worth that has weight in Bitcoin. Let’s take an example for IT support resume in the right way:

Right way:

Help Desk Assistant

January 2012 – December 2016

The Kall Center, New York, NY

Essential IT Duties

  • Trained another help desk support representative on professional responsibilities and managed software and hardware training on the product brochure.
  • Inspired and guided email and telephone customers to obtain software-pairing settlements depend on funds and requirements.
  • Established client promotional study to estimate software requirements, which soon shifted to select call center-range.

Essential IT Achievements

  • Recognized ticketing management resolution that directed to a queue decline of 17%.
  • Supported IT, manager, to connect to customers on software updates, decreasing workload by 48%.

Check what we have mentioned here?

Initially, the help desk resume does not look similar to that of an IT job. It has responsibilities and accomplishments that can translate your IT support resume for an IT supervisor or an IT consulting job.

NOTE: Spend some time to understand the sequence of your past jobs. Then, categorized the best area that can represent your strong IT abilities and check how? Select the best for your resume.

IT resume for an Experienced Person:

If you have years of experience before applying for an IT support post, select the best technical duties which can match your organization’s interests. Let’s take the example of an IT resume.

Right way:

IT Technician

January 2012 – December 2018

Amazon, Seattle, WA

Essential IT education & duties

  • Trained fresher IT technicians on high-level technological methods.
  • Supported customers with an analysis of hardware and software problems and interests.
  • Inspired up-to-date and appropriate grades for customers’ goods as required.

Essential IT Accomplishments

  • A recognized new parts-ordering answer that directed to a customer delay time decline of 16% and an increment in customer satisfaction by 38%.
  • Supported IT executive with administration purposes, decreasing workload by 18%.


IT Technician

January 2013 – December 2018

Microsoft, Seattle, WA

  • Trained workers in IT responsibilities.
  • Assisted clients with their goods.
  • Upgraded customers’ goods.

Whether your Education under performing your Skills or not

You might be thinking that the qualification section is just as a meaningless comment in your IT resume, right? It is better to think again. The education area is one of the most valuable section for the perfect IT support resume

So, how can you make a qualification section in your resume? Here is the method to include your completed degree as:

2019 BA in Network Administration

University of Oxfords, Oxford OX1 2JD, United Kingdom

3.8 GPA

But, if you still pursuing your degree? Here is the way to list your progress degree:

BA in Network Administration

University of Oxfords, Oxford OX1 2JD, United Kingdom

Expected Graduation in 2021

And if you have a high school diploma, then list the education as:

Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, NY

Graduated in 2017

But, if you have completed your degree, then skip mentioning your high school.

NOTE: On your IT support resume, include GDA if it is closer to 4.0, but do not mention GPA if it is lower than 3.4. This will not help you in any way.

Put your Abilities on an IT Resume

There are two things that can make IT management in the right way: a great IT resume and awesome software development. So, how can you do it? Let’s put your computer skills on your resume and involve the perfect things for you. Now, how can you add the right description for an IT job?

First, list out the main generic soft and hard skills to write them in your IT resume. Soft skills are life-learned attributes, self-developed (example: adaptability, individual skills). Hard skills are abilities for how (for example, DevOps Debugger 5000 and much more).

Here are a few basic abilities to put in your IT resume, examples

Time ManagementDatabase Administration
Analytical SkillsDevOps Debugger 5000 Use
creativeCloud Management
Attention to DetailsAgile Development
MultitaskingUI / UX
TeamworkBack-End & Front-End Development
Problem-solvingData Synchronization

However! These can be some of the abilities for the resume and considered average tech resume examples. But you are not an average person, right? But, make sure that your resume should not be average; it must be unique. Avoid listing the generic abilities that are not relevant to your tech job profile. Therefore, it is the right time to browse some of the listing jobs and underline them as per your requirements.

NOTE: Type several IT abilities in an Excel column, with the number (1-20) of essential and relevant in another column. Then, select the worst one and select 5-6 perfect abilities.

How to Add other Effective areas for your IT support resume

You have known about all of the main sections, but you might be missing some of the important sections, too: additional resume areas. These areas make your IT resume more interesting. Anybody write their name, skills, and experience. This is the place where one can list the relevant things that stand out your achievements.

Wrong method:

  • Volunteered after Nor’easter Nellie building houses.
  • A voracious scholar (over 100 books/year).
  • Voted “Most effective Employee” three times in a series.

See what is the difference here? One feels proud while writing the achievement, but they are not relevant for IT. Let’s check how to write these achievements in additional sections for the resume with some of the relevant examples.

Volunteer Experience:

Helped to build a damaged house after Nor’easter Nellie? You might be looked like a saint and a hero! However, this might not be relevant to your IT position profile. Check out some of a good example: 


  • Volunteered in the center, improving the network of elderly citizens.

Interest & Hobbies:

Just as a mouse and keyboard, here are some of the hobbies and interest which can pair with your IT support resume:


  • Softball – captain of the social team for two years.
  • Gadget reviewer and avid tech blogger.

Here team sport represents that one can function well with a team in which is an essential trait for a fast-growing technical startup. Gadget reviewing and tech blogging represents your knowledge and up-to-date skill in advance equipment and technology. 

Awards & Certifications:

Voted “funniest worker” two years in a single row? Impressive! But is it relevant as:


  • CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Security+ Certifications.
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer.
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.
  • Voted “Most Accurate Typewriter” 2 months in a single row.
  • VMware Approved Design Expert (VCDX).

Technical certifications are used as proof that one has IT knowledge and skills for a tech job. 


If you have some of the samples that can show your skills, then these samples can be beneficial for your work. Therefore, always mention in your IT resume.


Mentioning the foreign languages in your resume might be helpful for your IT resumes. Especially in abroad and locales where English is not considered as the first language. Knowledge of other languages will be an understanding of more than a single programming language.


  • Excellent proficiency in the Canadian language.

NOTE: Avoid putting several sections in your IT resume. Add relevant sections in the current resume page.

Pair a cover letter with your IT support resume

An IT resume that does not have a cover letter can be a reason for rejection. As per a survey report, 45% of the hiring managers say that they reject the IT resume because they do not have a cover letter.

Therefore, it is necessary that you must include a cover letter with your resume. Here are some of the tips that help you to make an effective cover letter:

  • Put names – name the recruiter and organization to personalize them.
  • Describe why this specific tech job profile inspires you.
  • State something of the organization that one can associate to on a particular level.
  • Notify them why they require you for this IT project.

Be smart. Positively grab the attention of the hiring manager. It will involve more than the certifications and degrees one listed in their IT resume template.

NOTE: Search out the online tech startups and describe something that can stand out from others. This might be something that can not include but catch the attention of your hiring manager.


Whether you want to become an IT technician or pursuing an internship in the IT department, you follow this post instruction for an IT support resume, and then this will increase the opportunity for an interview. Besides this, you can take our experts’ help to make a resume online that helps you to get an impressive resume. 

Now, let’s take a quick recap of this post:

  • Personalize your IT resume. The tech firm or startups can accept numerous applications. Address each of them with the name in the cover letter. Include the organization in the heading of your resume. Try to stand out yourself.
  • If you want to work with them, then make them require you. Your eagerness can help you to take an IT job, so it’s all about you. Write it with impressive achievements and verbs to amaze them. Try to make a great impression on your hiring managers’ minds.
  • Double-check the resume. Spend some of the extra time to make sure that the IT resume and its cover letter are up to the make or not. Whether they ask you to include a specific section in your resume or not? Are your cover letter and email address the right partner or manager or not?

Now, you have a great IT support resume that is ready to send it to your hiring manager. It is the right time to add the cover letter to your resume, then email or send it with an application form.

If you have any doubts about how to write a resume? Do not have an idea about how to include your skills or accomplishments in your resume for IT? Contact us and get an effective solution from us.

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